Fake doctor jailed over breast exams

An 81-year-old man who posed as a doctor and offered free door-to-door breast exams has jailed on sexual assault charges.

A Florida judge sentenced Phillip Winikoff, who would walk an apartment block carrying a doctor's bag, after two women took him up on his offer of a free breast examination.

Winikoff was given 13 months in prison as well as 15 years probation.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports Winikoff was arrested in 2006 after he fondled the breasts of the two residents and then began groping other areas of their bodies.

Both women called police.

Winikoff, who was a shuttle driver at a nearby car dealership, ran away but later returned to the same Lauterdale Lakes apartment block where he assaulted another woman.

He was charged with sexual battery and practicing medicine without a license.

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