A look at Turkey's 'feminist cult', headed by creationist, evolutionary conspiracy theorist

Nicholas McCallum

Turkish Islamic leader Adnan Oktar is a televangelist who leads a 'litter' of wealthy women who subscribe to his odd version of feminism.

Known as his "kittens", the women are encouraged to abandon traditional Islamic dress, dye their hair, wear expensive clothes, don copious makeup and undergo plastic surgery.

The women are encouraged to undergo plastic surgey as a form of feminism. Source: A9

The women almost look like parodies of the Real Housewives of Turkey, many of whom are wealthy socialites.

Oktar claims he introduced his kittens to feminism.

A contradictory man, Oktar wants to liberate women from what he sees as some Islam's anachronisms but still has some way to go in his views of equality.

Men and women follow Oktar's teachings. Source: A9

"Now that, in a sense, women are more and more superior," he opined in a sermon broadcast on his own TV channel A9.

"They are superior in compassion, mercy, cleaning, punctuality, meticulousness and thinking about details."

Views on women's cleanliness and pettifoggery aside, there is no denying he has as great love for the fairer sex, possibly stemming from his oedipal, podophilic relationship with his mother.

Oktar's followers appear to hang off his every word.

"I used to kiss the bottom of my mother's foot and say 'Here I find the smell of paradise,'" he once said.

He conducts his televangelism before his perfect devotees, beautiful men and women. Many have gone under the knife. Unable to show expression in the faces, the women only nod in agreement.

Before he led his litter of dolled-up kittens, Oktar came into the intellectual world as Islamic creationist and has gone to great lengths to block ideas of evolution in Turkey.

In 2008 he convinced as Turkish court to block Richard Dawkin's official website, claiming it was blasphemous and insulting to religion and his personality. The ban was lifted in 2008.

Oktar has also stated Darwinism and evolutionary theory is a conspiracy of the Freemason directly responsible for terrorism and anti-Semitism.