A Current Affair host's shocking on-air announcement: 'Too tired'

A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw has made a shocking announcement live on-air.

At the end of Monday night's program, the veteran reporter said she would be quitting her hosting duties after 17 years.

She told viewers she has decided to step down in November in what was a "huge" decision. She also shut down any possible speculation about why she was quitting the news program.

"I'm not being shoved out the door by the boys' club because I'm too old," she said.

"I'm not too old, I'm just too tired. For the record, both the boys and girls have asked me to stay.

"But I've basically been a shift worker for 26 years now, driving to work before dawn for nine years on the Today show, and the past 17 years driving home after dark here on A Current Affair, and it's time for less of that daily obligation."

Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair.
Tracy Grimshaw is quitting A Current Affair after 17 years. Source: Channel 9

Tracy said working on A Current Affair had been an "absolute privilege" after the 62-year-old had watched it as a child with her family when it began in 1971.

"Back then I was going to be a vet or a flight attendant. So if you'd told me that one day I would sit in this chair, let alone occupy it for 17 years, I'd have thought you were mad," she told viewers.

"Well, lucky me. You have let me indulge my love of interviewing here. I have talked to people who've made us all laugh and cry, who shared their triumphs and their challenges and their wisdom and despair.

"Thank you for that opportunity. Thank you for your loyalty. I hope I've repaid it."

Tracy added after she left in November, she would take a long holiday.

"Until then, see you tomorrow night," she signed off.

A Current Affair shared Tracy's announcement to its Instagram, with many viewers wishing her the best for the future.

"Good luck! Nicely said. There is more to life than working," one commented.

"Well done, that's hard work for a long time," another said.

"You are an absolute legend – good luck with your new adventures," a third added.

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