A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw breaks down on-air: 'Going to take a moment'

A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw has teared up on camera while in London reporting on the Queen's death.

On Friday night's episode, footage was shared of the veteran journalist after she left Westminster Hall where the Queen's body is being held until her funeral on Monday.

As the cameras rolled, Tracy stood in a street and took a deep sigh before simply saying, "Wow".

She then began to tear up as she attempted to tell viewers about her experience.

"OK, where to start," Tracy says as her eyes begin to well up.

"Um, it's very moving in there. I was going to come out and be all journalistic and give you all the history of the building and the history of the Queen's association with the building but I'm not going to do that, I'm going to take a moment,"

As she chokes up in front of the camera, Tracy wags her finger signalling she is not able to get through the report without crying.

Tracy Grimshaw tears up while presenting A Current Affair.
Tracy Grimshaw breaks down as she reports on the Queen. Source: Channel Nine

She then turns her back to the camera as she quietly sobs and wipes tears from her eyes. She then turns around and attempts to compose herself.

"I don't know what I was expecting, we had half an hour in there," she said.

The journalist added people who had queued for hours only got to be in there for 10 minutes, unless they were the "lucky ones" who were there for the changing of the guards, which earned them an extra four minutes.

"As they walk past they only have a moment. They dip their heads, some of the women curtsy," she said.

"I'm watching people with walkers, on crutches, people in wheelchairs, people pushing their babies.

"Soldiers in khakis stopped and saluted her ... it is a majestic building and it's sombre.

"It's actually not sad, these are no sad tears, they're tears that recognise what people are feeling as they are going in there.

"It's special."

Tracy added despite the Queen dying a week ago, it was as if she was still doing her duty.

"I think she'd just really like to get back to her husband ... OK, that's enough from me," she said as she wrapped up her report.

One praised the journalist on Twitter for her raw emotion.

"Thank you for expressing what so many of us are feeling," they commented.

Tracy is in London reporting on the Queen's death and it will likely be the biggest story she covers before stepping back from the A Current Affair desk in November.

Earlier this month she announced she would be stepping down after 17 years on the program.

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