All 9 Couples From 'The Ultimatum' Who Are Still Together in 2023

the ultimatum
All 'The Ultimatum' Couples Who Are Still TogetherJackson Petty - Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On is Netflix's newer dating show. This reality series features couples in which one partner wants to get married but the other isn't ready just yet. The couples have to break up and speed date the other people (also from split couples) and are ultimately matched up for "trial marriages" where they live with their new partner for three weeks.

After their "trial marriage" is up, everyone goes back to their original partners and spends three weeks with them. At the end of the experience, the couples must decide if they want to get married, break up, or keep dating their partner from their "trial marriage."

So yeah, it's pretty wild and drama-filled, so I don't blame you for being nosy and wondering which couples from The Ultimatum are still together. Let's discuss.

Couples Still Together From The Ultimatum Season 1:

Madlyn and Colby

mandlyn colby
Jody Domingue - Netflix

Madlyn and Colby from season 1 are still going strong! Not only did they get engaged at the end of the show, but the actually got married. On May 2, 2022, they welcomed a baby daughter named Josephine Riley Kissinger. Then on September 13, 2023, they announced the birth of their son, Conrad Lloyd Kissinger.

Shanique and Randall

madlyn and colby
Jody Domingue - Netflix

Shanique and Randall had a few Ultimatum hiccups along the way, but they're ultimately still together. Season 1 ended with Randall proposing to Shanique, but after filming the couple decided to call off the engagement and slow things down, living together and enjoying the moment.

And clearly that was a good call, because they're better than ever! Randall got down on one knee (again) in July 2023, making things even more official.

Alexis and Hunter

alexis and hunter
Jody Domingue - Netflix

Alexis and Hunter realized they were meant to be pretty early on. They got engaged in episode 3 of season 1 after realizing they didn't want to do a "trial marriage: with anybody else. They got married on June 18, 2022.

Lauren and Nathan

lauren and nathan
Jody Domingue - Netflix

Lauren and Nathan went on The Ultimatum because they were both at different places when it came to having kids. Nathan really wanted children, but Lauren was unsure. Just like Alexis and Hunter, Nathan unexpectedly proposed during the third episode, and the couple got married on October 1, 2022.

Couples Still Together From The Ultimatum Season 2:

Roxanne and Antonio

roxanne and antonio

Antonio gave Roxanne the ultimatum because she had a fear of marriage, but by the end of season 2, Roxanne was ready to accept his proposal. Despite the engagement, Roxanne does not always wear a ring.

Like she said in an Insta post, "Remember, you can have an enduring commitment to your partner, wedding ring or not."

Riah and Trey

riyah and trey

If you watched season 2, you'll remember that Trey and Ryann had a bit of ~a thing~, and Riah was *not* happy with it. In the end, Riah still accepted Trey's engagement, and now Riah is pregnant! Baby Brunson is due January 5, 2024.

Ryann and James

ryann and james

High school sweethearts Ryann and James joined The Ultimatum because despite their 7-year relationship, James was still hesitant about marriage. Things are looking different for them now though, because Ryann and James left the show engaged and are currently preparing for a wedding.

Kat and Alex

kat and alex

Kat gave Alex the ultimatum because he was dealing with commitment issues, but by the end of the show, Alex proposed!

Lisa and Brian

lisa and brian

Lisa and Brian started off as FWBs and slowly turned into something more, but Brian wasn't ready for marriage so Lisa gave him the ultimatum. Everything changed for them when Lisa found out that she was pregnant during filming, and the couple left the show early to prepare for the baby.

They are not engaged but they are still going strong in their relationship together, and Us Weekly reported that they welcomed a son.


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