The '80s Domino's Classic Adam Richman Wants To See Come Back – Exclusive

Adam Richman talking
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Since his time taking down eating challenges across the country on "Man v. Food," Adam Richman has cycled through many TV jobs. He has hosted History's "The Food That Built America" for years, as well as its spin-offs examining toys, mega-brands, and machines. And in 2022, he filmed "Adam Eats the '80s," a series in which he travels across the U.S. eating extinct '80s products from famous food companies.

Mashed spoke to Adam Richman in an exclusive interview that was all about pizza — the prolific TV host was helping Hormel promote its limited-edition line of pepperoni pizza-themed merch. Since he tasted a bunch of different pizzas on "Adam Eats the '80s," we had to ask him which discontinued '80s pizza he thought deserved a second chance. His answer? The Domino's breakfast pizza, which he said "was absolutely mind-blowingly good."

If you're too young to remember this Reagan-era delicacy, it consisted of typical breakfast ingredients, like eggs, cheese, and both bacon and sausage. As a finishing touch, the crust was buttered to make it taste a bit like toast. When you ordered it, you didn't just get a pizza, either. Per Richman, "Back in the day, they had a partnership with USA Today where you would get coffee, a breakfast pizza, and the paper." If you ordered this combo, you were set for everything you needed in the morning.

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Logistical Issues Doomed The Domino's Breakfast Pizza

Domino's breakfast pizza in oven
Domino's breakfast pizza in oven - YouTube

While Domino's '80s breakfast meal deal sounds like it was fantastic, Adam Richman explained that it was too challenging for the chain to pull off over the long term. "The issue was, pizza people order around the clock, but breakfast pizza was ordered during a finite window," he said. "They stopped selling it at 10:30 and they couldn't make it work, so they had to cancel it."

If you're looking for pizza in the morning these days, you can try 7-Eleven's breakfast pizza, which is topped with white gravy, cheese, and sausage — coffee and newspaper sold separately.

Fortunately for pizza lovers and '80s aficionados everywhere, another pizza that Richman tried for the show is still available: the California club from California Pizza Kitchen. This pizza is topped with bacon, chicken, and mozzarella, and then garnished after it's baked with fresh avocado, sliced tomato, basil, and mayo-dressed lettuce. We know the concept of mayo on pizza might be frightening to some of you, but Richman swore that this pie deserved to be more popular.

New items will be dropping every day at the Hormel Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop from September 13 to 19.

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