800 excluded from Paris Olympics over security fears: Interior ministry

Around 800 people who "did not have good intentions" have been excluded from working for the Paris Olympics organisation over security fears, French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said Sunday.

According to French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, security forces screen everyone who is likely to come into contact with the Olympic Games: the volunteers, the torch bearers, the people who will welcome the public.

"There are a million checks to be done; we have already carried out 180,000 checks. We have excluded 800 people," Darmanin told broadcaster LCI.

The list includes 15 on Fiches S deemed to represent the most serious threat to national security.

"That means that there are people who wanted to register to carry the flame, to be volunteers at the Olympic Games and who clearly did not have good intentions," he added.

Darmanin specified that among those excluded were "radical Islamists" and "radical environmental activists who want to protest".

He also said that 102 private security agents on the 'S' file were recently excluded from the Olympics.

Screening in progress

Ahead of the start on 26 July, all 10,500 athletes selected for the Olympics and 4,400 for the Paralympics will be subjected to background checks, as will their coaches and medical staff, in addition to 26,000 accredited journalists.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will mobilise nearly 45,000 internal security forces.

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