8 The Traitors Valentine's Day cards that Claudia Winkleman would approve of

claudia winkleman in the traitors series 2
The Traitors Valentine's Day cards - Where to shopLlara Plaza - BBC

Want to show you're "100% faithful" this Valentine's Day? There's still time to snap up one of these hilarious The Traitors cards for the big occasion (so long as you order by 6pm today!).

We can't think of a better way to express our love and appreciation to a significant other than via some of the show's best-loved lines and characters this romantic holiday. Our pick? A card honouring 2024's breakout star Diane Carson and her fizzy tipple of choice.

The full The Traitors Valentine's Day card range is available via Thortful, with an A5 card costing you £3.49, or fork out £5.99 for an extra-large A4 design (prices not including delivery).

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Claudia's epic "I will always be Faithful" card can also be purchased as a card addressed to your Wife, Husband, Girlfriend and Boyfriend too.

Thortful has gone in hard on the Faithful theme, with other Valentine's Day cards including ones bearing the official Traitors logo, plus three other Claudia-inspired Faithful card variations.

The full-fringed host isn't the only star to feature, though. We put money on this Diane "I'd share my fizzy rosé with you" card being a sell-out ahead of the big day.

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Have an other half that would appreciate a cheeky pun? Claudia's "I wanna see your winkle, man" card is sure to generate a chuckle, too.

In addition to the cards, Thortful offers a number of classic romantic gifts (chocolates, fizz, flowers) you can add to your cart, a handy option if you want to wrap Valentine's up in one click.

Then again, those wanting to continue The Traitors theme may be interested in surprising a partner with an official The Traitors cloak or The Traitors board game (which currently boasts 22% off at Amazon).

In further good news, the themed cards are not limited to just the annual romantic holiday, with you able to additionally gift a number of memorable The Traitors Birthday cards or this "Enjoy your new job, you Traitor" leaving card.

If you're a new Thortful customer, be sure to create a new account to receive £5 off your first order. Just like that winning prize fund, every penny counts.

The Traitors series 1-2 are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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