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8 Fantasy Football Lessons Learned: Running Backs

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Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens get together to discuss what they learned, as fantasy football experts, about the running back position this past season and how they’ll use that knowledge to adjust how they handle it next season.

The guys figured that the best way to talk themselves through the top RB lessons learned was to attach one lesson to each of the top 8 RBs in fantasy football last season, with a couple of overachievers added to the end.

Find out why you shouldn’t talk about injuries when preparing for your fantasy football draft, why we should’ve seen Saquon Barkley’s big season coming, why Derrick Henry is just different than other RBs and why Andy Behrens might be the GOAT.

05:45 Austin Ekeler

11:50 Christian McCaffrey

19:00 Josh Jacobs

26:00 Derrick Henry

32:00 Nick Chubb

36:00 Saquon Barkley

39:15 Tony Pollard

43:25 Jamaal Williams

49:05 2022 RB Overachievers

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