$780,0000 Lamborghini goes up in smoke as man tries to BBQ steak

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A man’s plan to use a Lamborghini to cook meat has backfired with the car’s engine seemingly overheating and becoming enveloped in smoke.

Video uploaded to YouTube from Hunan, China, shows a group standing behind a line of Lamborghinis in a sheltered carpark.

One man crouches behind a red Lamborghini Aventador as the driver revs the engine.

He’s holding tongs and a piece of meat. As the engine revs, flames appear from the exhaust.

A Lamborghini Aventador engine overheats after a man tries to use its exhaust to cook a piece of meat.
A Lamborghini overheats after being used as a BBQ. Source: YouTube/ Anecdote summary

Another man looks on, filming him. The driver revs the engine a number of times and suddenly smoke billows from the car.

Someone opens the engine bonnet and more smoke flows out.

Red fluid, believed to be coolant, is seen leaking on the ground from under the car.

It’s not known how much the repair bill was, but it’s believed the car has been fixed.

Some Lamborghini Aventadors are listed on CarSales.com.au for about $780,000.

On YouTube, the group’s exploits with the Italian supercar left people unimpressed to say the least.

“The Lamborghini Aventador is not good for cooking meat? Who would have known,” one man wrote.

Another man accused the group of having “too much money and not enough supervision”.

“If he doesn't understand what he’s doing to the car, he shouldn't have it,” another man wrote.

“One of the worst things you can do is repeatedly rev a car in neutral. It's not designed for that, especially a Lambo.”

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