This ’70s-inspired NYC studio is full of playful touches — and a surprising bed hack!


Digital creator Lauren W. (@laurenthelolife) is inspired by ’60s and ’70s aesthetic, so it’s no surprise that she has a colorful, fun New York City studio that she loves showing off. In this episode of ITK: Do You Live Here?, Lauren invites us in to see her space and explains how she constantly upgrades the apartment with playful touches to amplify its overall groovy aesthetic.

“I’m super inspired by ’60s and ’70s decor,” Lauren says as she leads us into her living room. “I love the bright colors, the rounded shapes.”

Her living room is a perfect example of these design elements, featuring an orange sectional couch, a pink metal TV console and bright accent walls. The wall art includes an abstractly shaped orange mirror and a neon sign that reads “The Lo Life.” Lauren points out a french fry pillow on her couch, which she says was a gift from a fast food company that she helped decorate a space for.

Next, Lauren shows us where she sleeps: A pull-down Murphy bed that is cleverly disguised into the wall behind the living room. She calls it her “favorite party trick.”

“I do think that there is a level of finesse that you have to be comfortable with living in a studio, especially in New York, because you know they come super small,” Lauren says. “But I do think that I figured out a really good layout and method for living in this space and actually maximizing it.”

Lauren then reveals that her TV console is actually her shoe closet – another smart storage solution.

The next room on the tour is the kitchen, which Lauren says is a work in progress. This room is not as groovy and fun as the rest of the house, defined by black cabinets and mint-green subway tile backsplash. So far, Lauren has decorated the room with brightly-colored bowls, and she says she plans to keep playing around with the space.

Getting back into Lauren’s groovy style, she brings us into her bathroom. She has decorated this room with peel-and-stick stickers in red, orange and yellow arches that extend across all of the walls. The shower curtain is translucent orange to match. Lauren thinks the most exciting piece of decor in this room is a “Send Nudes” neon sign she has placed above the toilet.

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