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New £70m ‘flying’ superyacht design revealed

It will lift above the water surface during movement  (Lazzarini Design Studio)
It will lift above the water surface during movement (Lazzarini Design Studio)

Plans for a new “flying” luxury superyacht have been unveiled.

Lazzarani Design Studio revealed photos and a video depicting the 74m Plectrum superyacht concept – which can be turned into a reality if you have a mere £70m to spare.

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini and his team revealed a design that would use adjustable foil technology, so that the Plectrum will lift above the water surface as it moves.

This hydrofoil technology incorporates wings attached under the boat’s hull to lift it out of the water during movement; the yacht then glides on top of the surface.

Propelled forwards from three hydrogen-powered motors which have 15,000hp capacity between them, the superyacht is able to “fly” due to the wing’s water resistance.

 (Lazzarini Design Studio)
(Lazzarini Design Studio)

Foil technology itself is not a new phenomenon. “We like to remember that in 1964, ship building was already capable of  similar vessels construction,” Mr Lazzarini said.

Designed to be made entirely from dry carbon fibre composite materials, this lightweight yacht will travel at up to 75 knots.

The orange and black spaceship-esque boat skims smoothly across water in a promotional YouTube video, giving viewers an idea of what the flying motion would look like.

Mr Lazzarini has described the concept as “a different superyacht configuration which will allow much faster sea travelling than conventional similar size ships.”

“The foil system can be adjustable depending the cruising needs and can change in the width from 15 metres of beam (closed foil when the yacht is berthed/anchored) up to 20 metres of beam (open foil and 2.50 metres each side, while the yacht is sailing on high speed),” Mr Lazzarini added.

 (Lazzarini Design Studio)
(Lazzarini Design Studio)

Lazzarini Design Studio took inspiration from the hull shape seen on boats in the America’s Cup, including Prada’s 2023 model.

The Plectrum is divided into four levels, and can accommodate six guest cabins and a shipowner suite.

Meanwhile, there’s also a helicopter hangar, central double garage and a rear garage to host water toys and a car.

The Plectrum superyacht is set to launch in 2025.