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60 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Month Than You

If you had a rough month, just remember...

1.The person who, but for a brief moment, was the king of the world:

A fake 1-million dollar bill

2.The person who took the biggest, fakest bite you'll ever see:

A fake apple with a bite taken out
u/iteaserego / Via

3.The person whose wedding ring was squeezing the life out of them:

An indention in someone's finger
u/g00zerther / Via

4.The person whose sink shall sunk no more:

A cutting board stuck in a sink
u/s_aintjerome / Via

5.The person who added a liiiittle bit too much salt:

Salt in a pan
u/deathberryx / Via

6.The person whose partner is absolutely toxic:

A very hot bathroom

7.The person whose burrito might just be the saddest burrito my eyes have ever seen:

A thin burrito
u/tiddydefender / Via

8.The person whose grill can't believe what they've done to those poor burgers:

A grill on fire
u/bloodycrabs / Via

9.The person who got a beautiful view of some rando's umbrella at the function:

A person whose umbrella is blocking a crowd from seeing a show
u/akajokerplays / Via

10.The person who's going to play a rousing game of "This Little Piggy Went to the Market" with a new friend:

bare feet on the plane

11.The person whose pizza place is running a very interesting new promotion:

pepperoni pizza
u/boppedemindeesmoof / Via

12.The person whose pizza had a little more bounce to the ounce:

A spring in a bite of pizza
u/chiffer178 / Via

13.The person who is going to have the opposite of a stress-free vacation:

Luggage in the middle of a tarmac
u/vasodys / Via

14.The person who will be picking out peppercorns until the end of time:

Spilled peppercorns
u/spirit_chimes / Via

15.The person who learned a valuable lesson in the kitchen today:

A melted dish
u/barenakedsole / Via

16.The person who will be enjoying approximately one refreshing sip:

A cup of foam
u/miriotogata5 / Via

17.The person who is about to have a very rude awakening at the airport:

A suitcase left in the parking lot

18.The person who ended up living a live-action Tom & Jerry episode:

A fly swatter stuck in the skylight
u/thegreatbugle / Via

19.The person who needs to get their dang ears checked:

"she said Female problems.."

20.The person who, but for a brief moment, thought their cheese defied all known laws of nature:

American cheese on mac 'n' cheese
u/myselfphobia / Via

21.The person who had the unthinkable happen:

A cheese-less cheese stick
u/winterchalice / Via

22.The person who made a very specific problem for future them:

A broken closet shelf
u/_dudewhat / Via

23.The person who burned their toast more than any toast has been burned before:

Burnt toast
u/empatheticartist / Via

24.The person who will now be forever trapped in a block of wood:

A block of wood on someone's finger
u/attackhelicter / Via

25.My man Ceemen:

u/camskii / Via

26.The person who found a new friend in their chocolate:

"No candy for me today!"
u/eldridgephotography / Via

27.The person who was denied by the very thing they trusted the most:

A broken fridge handle
u/deeerlea / Via

28.The person whose coffee got a fun new flavor:

A box of beef stock next to coffee
u/flashmanmrp / Via

29.The person who had a great start to their day at the beach:

A man with bird poop on his chest
u/Brianp713 / Via

30.The person whose pinky is screaming out for help:

A bruised nail
u/tinytherapist / Via

31.The person whose house got straight up cheesed:

"My house got cheesed."

Not the worst thing, obviously, but it's the principle of the thing.

u/bettertodoit / Via

32.The person whose credit card fell into a place beyond what our simple human brains can comprehend:

Closeup of an emergency brake
u/s-archer71 / Via

33.The person who had a bunch of raccoons crash their precious little party:

A destroyed bedroom with a hole in the ceiling
u/capnpetch / Via

34.The person who made a million tiny new friends:

flea bites on legs

35.The person whose perfume is one with the angels now:

A broken bottle of perfume
u/madtubes / Via

36.The person who experienced true tragedy:

Spilled cookies
u/reduxrocketeer / Via

37.The person who got a pizza I wouldn't even feed to that person who claws soap like an animal:

"This is inedible."

38.The person whose burger had a little too much bite:

Closeup of glass in someone's palm
u/crayonen16 / Via

39.The person who was kind enough to let a bear wait out the rain in their car:

"A bear broke into my car"
u/failresorts / Via

40.The person whose huge accomplishment was properly documented:

A person's finger in the way of a photo

41.The person who is apparently living with a 9-foot grizzly bear:

Finger marks in soap
u/1234hotelyorba / Via

42.The person who just got a free wrench:

A wrench stuck in a tire
u/cboy237 / Via

43.The person who better have milkshake insurance:

A spilled milkshake
u/sleepyalium / Via

44.The person who is about to play an exciting game of seltzer Jenga:

A drink display
u/40ksted / Via

45.The person whose AirPod went for a little swim:

An AirPod in a toilet
u/blizard24 / Via

46.The person whose carpet got a cool, clean, fresh coat of paint:

Spilled paint
u/mrwulf360 / Via

47.The person whose engagement ring shall engage no more:

A broken engagement ring
u/potterwatch221b / Via

48.The person whose fun dinosaur balloon really, really let loose:

A dinosaur balloon
u/monkeypanda64 / Via

49.The person whose large is more like...a smarge:

A small cup
u/No_Engineering3493 / Via

50.The person who got a little added protein in their beans:

A bug in someone's green beans
u/exhaledchloroform / Via

51.The person whose mirror went absolutely nuclear:

A broken mirror
u/lubrical / Via

52.The person whose banana is crying out for help:

A black banana

"Help....... me......"

u/greenarcher808 / Via

53.The person whose home had this touching message outside it:

A welcome sign
u/kibeth8 / Via

54.The person who blue themself:

A person's knee covered in blue Sharpie
u/schmango_fett / Via

55.The person who will never, ever be able to pee:

A broken door knob
u/phasekoko / Via

56.The person who added a special blue seasoning to their burgers:

Melted plastic on a dish
u/partyrooster / Via

57.The person whose apple pie looks absolutely scrum-diddly-umptious:

Spilled sesame seeds on a pie
u/trued003 / Via

58.The person who goes to the gym with the world's sweatiest man:

Sweat all over a seat in the gym
u/phazonphoenix8 / Via

59.The person whose dinner just got a bit more cronchy:

Broken glass in an oven
u/no-grapefruit7777 / Via

60.And the person who now has the world's stinkiest car:

Spilled milk in a car

Oooooooh NOOOOOO.

u/hippy_potto / Via