6 Casualty spoilers for next week

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6 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Next week on Casualty, Faith struggles on her first day back at work, Rash steps up but doubts if he's ready and Stevie jumps to conclusions about newcomer Harry.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Faith returns to work

faith cadogan, casualty

Faith returns to the ED, feeling apprehensive over the reaction she will get.

Her hopes of making a quiet entrance are dashed when a suspicious Harry stops her, not knowing who she is.

Stevie intervenes and Harry apologises, explaining that he is just doing his job.

2. Rash gets a confidence boost


Rash treats Josey, a GP who has come in with chest pain.

When Rash suggests treatment, Josey is doubtful but is happy when Rash's suggestions work.

Rash is pleased with himself and Josey is also impressed. In fact, Josey is so happy with Rash's efforts that she encourages Dylan to give Rash more responsibility.

3. Faith is left injured

faith cadogan, casualty

After a tricky start, a re-energised Faith is ready to start her shift, on minor duties. But when she's handed a body cam, Faith starts to doubt Stevie's new zero tolerance measures.

Things take a turn when Faith catches her patient Matt taking drugs and orders him back to the cubicle.

Matt resists, hitting Faith to the ground. With the new safety procedures drilled into them, Harry springs into action and Cam turns on his body cam as well.

4. Faith and Stevie clash

faith cadogan, casualty

Faith is bloodied and bruised following the incident with Matt, but is determined to continue regardless.

She agrees to wear a body cam but doesn't want to prosecute Matt. This doesn't go down well with Stevie – who insists the new measures are there for a reason.

Faith explains that she feels side-lined with the restrictions she's under and ultimately questions Stevie's faith in her.

Stevie insists that she has a department to run and a whole team's safety to think of. However, it's clear that Faith is ready to break protocol.

Faith later takes the body cam off in protest and walks out, leaving Stevie to wonder who is really benefiting from this new regime after all.

5. Rash makes a decision

rash masum, casualty

Dylan takes Josey's advice and asks Rash to lead treatment for patient Florin, which he does well.

Rash is upbeat afterwards but the feeling doesn't last when Ngozi can't get a pulse on Florin's arm and they realise he has a blood clot.

Unsettled by his error, Rash concludes that now isn't the right time to progress to be a consultant, especially given his responsibilities with his dad.

However, when Rash gets home Ashok doesn't recognise him, preferring to interact with Rida instead. This leaves Rash wondering if he has made the right decision about his career after all.

6. Stevie jumps to the wrong conclusions


Newly instated as clinical lead, Stevie treats Mel, who has a possible cracked rib after a fall. Upon further inspection Stevie becomes suspicious when she sees Mel covering more bruises.

Mel insists it was an accident, but Stevie can't shake off her concerns and tries to get to the bottom of what's happened.

She is shocked to learn that Mel's husband is Harry and they have a son together.

Stevie becomes convinced that Harry is to blame but is mortified to learn she is wrong, and has jumped to a massive conclusion.

Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One. The show is now releasing episodes early on BBC iPlayer at 6am on the day of transmission.

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