5SOS get weird photos trending on Twitter


It used to be that bands went around putting posters up on telegraph poles and fliers into bars, but to promote their music, boy band 5 Seconds of Summer have launched a series of unusual Twitter schemes.

On Friday, two top trending hashtags in Australia were related to the band: #5sosMoonFace and #5sosUpsideDownPizza.

The Sydney boy's unusual hashtags were trending high among all-encompassing World Cup tags such as #URUENG and #Suarez.

What exactly Moon Face and Upside Down Pizza meant was quite cryptic, but what is apparent is the boys have something to promote.

A quick spy on the band's Twitter feed reveals precisely what that might be.

"I actually don't know now to feel, about the album being out in a week, like wow, WHAT?!???" the band tweeted on Friday.

The first strange hashtagged Tweet soon followed:

"ok... first person to send us a picture of an awkward looking turtle gets some merch ???? #5sosAwkwardTurtle," it said.

With the enticement of some genuine 5SOS swag, it didn't take long for a fan to post a picture of a turtle.

This was soon followed by the band's next bizarre request, a picture of the boys with "dolphin bodies".

One fan got tricky with photoshop and that request was met with the bizarre photo of the boys with dolphin bodies almost immediately.

It's easy to see where this was going. The next two requests were pictures of the band on an upside down pizza and then a request for fans to post pictures of their face on a moon.

The winners in each category were quickly retweeted by the band, but it didn't stop fans from creating more and more weird and wacky images based on the 5SOS hashtags.

"can we please make them see this even tho its over i worked really hard on this @5sos #5sosMoonFace," one fan tweeted alongside their creative picture.

One fan even tried to incorporate three of the weird memes into one picture. "So I made 5sos as dolphins ft the awkward turtle and upside-down pizza and me as the moon @5SOS," she tweeted.

The band's debut self-titled album is due for release on June 27.

With one week to go until the boys launch their album, it's anyone's guess what other modern, promotional tricks they have up their sleeve.