$500 energy bill relief for millions of Aussies

Eligible pensioners, small businesses and people on income support will receive further installments of the rebates.

Millions of Aussie households and small businesses will receive further energy bill relief in November.

First announced in the federal budget, the government’s energy bill relief fund gives 5 million eligible households up to $500 off their energy bills and 1 million eligible small businesses up to $650 in relief per year.

The relief is being given to households throughout the year, with further installments to be credited to some households this month.

Composite image of Australian money and energy bill.
Eligible Aussie households will receive further energy relief in November. (Source: AAP)

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Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the government was “doing our best” to ease cost-of-living pressures facing Aussies including by rolling out energy rebates, bulk-billing changes and the housing future fund.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen said energy bills were “one of the big challenges facing Australian families and small businesses”.

“For those households receiving energy rebates, bill increases in most jurisdictions have been completely offset and, in fact, have decreased by up to 18 per cent for the most vulnerable Australians,” Bowen said.


Who is eligible for the energy bill relief?

Pensioners, veterans, seniors and other concession card holders, as well as recipients of the Carer Allowance, Family Tax Benefit, and anyone eligible for existing state and territory electricity concession schemes will be eligible for the rebate.

How much can I receive?

Eligible households can get up to $500 in energy bill relief. The exact amount will depend on which state or territory you live in.

Here is a state-by-state breakdown:

  • NSW - $500

  • Vic - $500

  • Qld - $500

  • SA - $500

  • Tas - $500

  • WA - $350

  • NT - $350

  • ACT - $175

How do I claim the relief?

Your electricity provider will usually automatically apply the bill relief to your electricity account to reduce the amount you owe on your next bill.

How and when this happens will depend on your state and territory and your situation, including whether you already receive other rebates.

For example, most NSW households will receive their bill-relief payments in quarterly installments of $125 from July 31.

Eligibility was checked again on October 31 and will be reassessed on January 31, 2024 and April 31, 2024.

You can find information specific to your state or territory on the government’s energy.gov.au website.

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