50 pounds of marijuana delivered to the wrong address

Melissa Hills

One resident of Hazlet, New Jersey got far more than they were expecting when a surprise shipment appeared at their door.

When police were called to the home to check out the delivery they got quite a shock.

Officers from the Hazlet Township Police Department took possession of several boxes in an attempt to locate the correct address.

The marijuana delivered to the wrong address. Photo: Facebook

Upon looking for a packing list which would contain information on the addressee, officers opened the packages and found they contained approximately 50 pounds of marijuana.

On the police department's Facebook the post read: "If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters.

The weed delivered to the home. Photo: Facebook

"In the meantime our detectives will be working with County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to locate the owner of this property."

It's not the first example of criminals acting in a stupid manner.