5 years and 50 million views of news by New Zealand experts

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This week marks five years since The Conversation launched in Aotearoa New Zealand. In that time, researchers from NZ universities have attracted more than 50 million unique views of 1,300 Conversation articles.

Our authors’ work has changed lives by putting evidence in front of policymakers. For instance, leading epidemiologist Michael Bakerwinner of the 2021 NZ Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize – says writing for The Conversation helped him and his colleagues develop what later became NZ’s COVID elimination strategy.

During the critical days leading up to the [first] lockdown, I will never forget how writing a story for The Conversation helped me crystallise my main message […] That thinking helped me develop the elimination strategy subsequently adopted by the New Zealand government.

The best-read NZ article of all time – Three reasons why Jacinda Ardern’s coronavirus response has been a masterclass in crisis leadership, by Massey University leadership researcher Suze Wilson – has had more than 1.7 million unique reads. Dr Wilson says her Conversation articles have sparked new opportunities in more than 10 countries, from Ireland to Indonesia.

You can read more about our NZ authors’ impact in this short report.

It’s no secret that many newsroom budgets and resources have been under pressure for some time. So to have professionally edited, research-based expert analysis made available in this way has been a clear benefit for news organisations.

And the universities see their expert authors’ voices amplified in their role as public intellectuals. It’s a virtuous circle, and something we’re proud to be part of.

Thank to all of our readers and newsletter subscribers for supporting our work. We’re extremely grateful. And we’ve got plenty more expert-led journalism heading your way.

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