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5SOS' Ashton Irwin rushed to hospital after 'stroke symptoms'

A 5SOS show had to be stopped partway through on Monday in Woodlands, Texas, when drummer Ashton Irwin, 27, began experiencing "symptoms of a stroke".

Fans on TikTok revealed that crew members had to carry the drummer off the stage.

5SOS star Ashton Irwin
5SOS star Ashton Irwin was rushed to hospital this week during a performance after suffering 'symptoms of a stroke'. Photo: Getty

At the time, the band said they'd be taking a break before someone came on stage and told them the show was over, according to the New York Post.

"Upon experiencing physical symptoms, Ashton was taken to a local hospital for tests and medical review," the band shared on Instagram. "As a result, it was advised Ashton had experienced extreme heat exhaustion. Thankfully and most importantly, he is feeling OK and recovering very well."

Taking to Twitter, Ashton revealed he was "in tears in the ambulance" thinking of the fans who were at the concert.


"I suffered from an intense migraine brought on by exhaustion and overheating onstage which made me lose my vision and gave me symptoms of stroke in the left side of my body. So the decision was to end the show there and then," he wrote.

"It’s always amazing to play a massive energetic show in every environment thrown at us. Unfortunately this time my body gave out due to heat exhaustion. I was in tears in the ambulance, because I feel I’ve let many people down. I’m looking after myself and getting rest now."

Taking to Twitter, Ashton revealed he was
Taking to Twitter, Ashton revealed he was "in tears in the ambulance" thinking of the fans who were at the concert. Photo: Twitter

Ashton continued, "I feel so loved and looked after by my brothers and team and all of you. this is the price a dehydrated drummer pays when he takes on Texas heat. All will be made right, ticketing wise, and rescheduling wise. I love you. Thanks for the love. I’ll be back onstage ASAP!"

Fans responded to the drummer, with many saying they're just happy he's OK, with one user writing, "You’re not letting anyone down, this just shows how you put your performance above everything else. Time to slow down a little drummer man, listen to what your body is telling you."

"I was so scared last night, I hope you are feeling better today Ashton," another said. "Wishing you a speedy recovery! You didn't let anyone down, people who love & support you understand and want the best for you. You made the right decision, your health should always come first. I love you."

"You did not let anyone down, don’t worry," a third said. "Your health is more important and we are so glad to hear that you’re okay, hope you get well soon asap. We know you always give everything you have and we appreciate you so much. But you have to take care of yourself first. Love you lots."

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