5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life During Your Lunch Hour

When you’re in the middle of projects or have a meeting-heavy day, it can be really tempting to skip your lunch hour and, in fact, according to research from Lipton 60% of Brits admit to skipping their lunch hour regularly.

However, one author and plant-based chef, Rachel Ama, believes that by not embracing our lunch breaks and making the most of them, we’re missing out on the opportunity to improve our health, as well as reducing our productivity later in the day.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Ama said: “Whether you prepare something that you already know you love to eat, schedule a call with a loved one or meet up, pick one of your favourite places to go and get food, even just make an effort to just sit outside, it’ll make a huge difference.

“The little, small things that you can do for yourself, do them for a week and I’m so sure you’ll feel less burnt out.”

5 ways to make your lunch hour work for you

In collaboration with Lipton Ice Tea, Ama shared five tips on getting started with making your lunch hour your own:

Make a meal you know you’ll enjoy

Ama said: “Whip up something you absolutely love and look forward to eating. Knowing a delicious lunch is waiting for me makes me more inclined to take the time to enjoy it and not skip it.

“This doesn’t need to be anything too elaborate, whether that’s a salad with your
favourite dressing, or knowing you’ve got your go-to drink chilling in the fridge.”

Preparation is key

Ama said: “We all know that a day can become busier than expected very easily, and all of a sudden you’ve skipped lunch, so it’s worthwhile spending a little time in advance to prepare your lunches for the week.

“This way, you’ll always have something tasty ready, saving you time and effort when you’ve already got lots to think about.”

Arrange to have lunch with a friend

Lipton Ice Tea found that people are more likely to take a break away from their desk when they have somebody to have lunch with.

Ama said: “Aside from the fact that chatting to a friend forces you to take your mind off work, having another person as part of my lunch means I’m held accountable for taking a break.

“Whether it’s eating packed lunches in the park or grabbing a bite at the local coffee shop, it’s also a great way to catch up and relax, adding a social element to your day.”

Allocate one activity that brings you joy to that time

Ama said: “If the act of having lunch in itself is not enough to force you away, why not dedicate your lunch break to something you love, like reading a book or listening to music.

“It’s your time to recharge and indulge in a little personal happiness. I tend to save podcast episodes for my lunch time - it’s something completely separate from my work schedule that I look forward to. I like to listen to music while I cook so I use podcasts to distinguish the time.”

See it as an opportunity to get some fresh air

“Most of us, whether you’re in a kitchen, an office, a school or hospital, spend the majority of our day inside. With this, I try to view the opportunity to go outside during the working day as being a bit of a treat, and who wants to miss out on a treat!

“Personally, stepping outside to breathe in the fresh air, even if it’s just for a few minutes, makes all the difference for my mood and energy levels, particularly on difficult days.”

Seems simple enough!