There's No Need To Upsell This One — Just 40 Legitimately Hilarious Photos

Feeling tired? Grumpy? Annoyed at the world?

Closeup of a woman getting interviewed

Well, you've come to the right place! (The right place, that is, if you want to look at funny stuff and forget the rest.) OK! Funny incoming in five, four, three, two, one...

1.I think we can all agree this is one unfortunate place for a wasp nest:

A wasp nest on a statue

2.And I think we can also agree Arby's needs to get this sign fixed, like, yesterday:

"Rat beef"

3.Let's see — there's this gent who's having a bad day, too:

A man with underwear on his back

4.And this dude...who snuck into fashion week and strutted down the runway in a trash bag and shower cap (before being, uh, removed):

"Intruder at fashion week"

5.Bless this felt crafter for taking a photo of their attempted Piglet — so we could laugh at it — before placing it directly in the trash:

A badly-made Piglet

6.Here's a cute and funny one — this yoga studio for Barbies (courtesy of a 10-year-old) that looks like it could make a great scene in Barbie 2:

Barbies doing yoga

7.This Disney fan tried to order a vanity plate that reads (in abbreviated fashion) Maleficent, but to a sick individual (like all of us, let's be real) it might say something, uh, else:


Now that's the kind of chaos Maleficent can get behind!

Closeup of Maleficent

8.Gotta love these Port-a-Potty "settings":

Writing on the inside of a Port-a-Potty

9.Check out this celebrity sighting! Bert from Sesame Street:

A man with their child on their shoulders

10.And can you believe she wore this?!

A woman on someone's shoulders

11.These parents' notes to their son on his graduation day couldn't have been more different, lol:

A card for someone's graduation

Dad's note: "Thanks to inflation, this is actually a $93 dollar bill. Welcome to adulthood!"

Mom's note: "'Alex the Graduate...' That has as nice ring to it! We're so proud of you."

12.Man, that inflation just keeps getting worse:

A small tin of garlic

13.This soccer player pulled his own card on the ref:

A soccer player holding an Uno card

14.And — just in case you were worried — these donuts are boneless:

boneless donuts

15.This is what an X-ray looks like when your break your middle finger:

An X-ray of someone giving the middle finger

16.And look, everybody! He's back:

A man holding a crucifix

17.Remember to use sunscreen, friends:

A man with sunburn on his back

18.You know what's good for a laugh? A truly great sign outside a business:

"Get that tattoo"

19.Here's another good one:

"The Two Unwritten Rules of Life"

20.And yet another:

"I don't think it's fair that only roosters are allowed to start the day screaming"

21.I have so many questions about these Amazon instructions:

"Pig is very sensitive"

22.Got that, mom?

"It's not a whore house. It's a whore home."

23.This road rager is at least funny about their problem:

"My life is worthless and I will kill us both"

24.This road worker safety sign is pretty funny, too...and maybe all for the benefit of #23:

"Don't hit Bob. We need him."

25.Speaking of roads...that is one heavy traffic cone:

A traffic cone over a small crater on the road

26.Thankfully it's cooling off now, because it was so hot in Texas this summer that drive-thru places had their employees looking like Sith Lords:

People going up to cars to take their orders

27.Here you can see the legendary artist admiring their work:

A peacock keying a car

28.This pregnant woman's food journal is pure comedy:

A food journal

29.This sign — meant for the kitchen — takes on a whole other meaning when in the bathroom:

sign says, you only live once, lick the bowl

30.And this cheeky husband added the pièce de résistance to his wife's Paris-themed bedroom:

A baguette on a bed

31.This loving wife and mom worked really hard on this Harry Potter broom cake for her kid's birthday, so please, no one tell her what it ACTUALLY looks like:

A broom cake

32.And this husband tried to cook mac and cheese with breadcrumbs, but didn't have any breadcrumbs, so he, uh...:

Goldfish on mac 'n' cheese

33.But let's not just beat up on married folks, this girlfriend's first attempt to cook fish ended up with...scrambled haddock:

Scrambled fish
Scrambled fish

34.Cooking is hard but so is cleaning AFTER cooking (they put this cutting board in the dishwasher...oops):

A broken cutting board

35.This is unfortunate for this gent, but I'm sorry, I laughed:

A bad haircut on a man

36.And this mom was also having a hilariously bad day — her 4-year-old drew a series of her naked:

Kids drawings on a sheet of paper

37.This "last day of work" cake is from my kind of people:

"Fine. Go."

38.Speaking of funny things that happen at work, this person wrote a heart-warming obituary for the break room microwave:

"RIP in Peace."

39.And these workers didn't know what the heck they were doing (unless they INTENDED to drywall the temporary light into the wall):

A wire going through a wall

40.Lastly, this supermarket is playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers by putting condoms in the baby aisle:

Condoms near baby products