4 tips to save $500 on your laundry costs

These simple tips can save you hundreds each year.

Laundry saving costs
CHOICE experts reveal four tips to save you time and money when doing your laundry. (Source: Getty)

From laundry detergent and fabric softener, to electricity and water - the costs of doing your laundry can add up over time. But, while it may be something you can’t avoid, there are ways you can cut back on costs.

With many Aussie households looking for ways to save money, the experts at CHOICE have revealed their top tips to save you time and cash when doing your laundry.

“By following our tips, you could save more than $500 just by adjusting your laundry habits,” CHOICE director of reviews and testing Matthew Steen said.

1. Ditch fabric softener

If you’re looking to save money, the first step is ditching fabric softeners.

“Fabric softeners coat your clothes and towels in nice-smelling chemicals that leave a residue on your clothes and reduce the moisture absorbency of your towels. This not only can irritate sensitive skin but recoats your clothes with chemicals after you’ve just cleaned them,” Steen said.

If you don’t want to give up fluffy towels, you could instead put them in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften them, or give them a hard flick when they first come out of the wash.

2. Get rid of laundry beads

Laundry beads - which are similar to fabric softener but are liquid beads instead - can also be given the flick.

“Our experts have calculated that this product may add a whopping $372 to your annual shopping bill,” Steen said.

3. Swap out laundry detergent pods

Detergent pods may seem like a more convenient option than liquid or powder detergent, but the benefits stop there.

“Detergent pods are more expensive per wash than liquid or powder, and don’t perform as well, according to our tests. So, by using liquid over pods, you’ll not only save money but get a better wash,” Steen said.

4. Use less laundry detergent

“We’ve found that using a third of the recommended amount of laundry detergent still effectively cleans your clothes. Plus, using less detergent will last three times longer, meaning less money out of your pocket,” Steen said.

Using too much detergent can also cause a ‘scrud’ build-up in your washing machine, which can impact your washing performance over time. Plus, using less detergent is also better for the environment.

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