39 Medical Abnormalities And Other Photos Of The Human Body That Made Me Do A Double Take

1.This person has only four fingers, and their index finger has replaced their thumb.

closeup of the hand
u/evan4765 / Via reddit.com

2.This person caught a nail in the EYE (yep, that's right, I said eye) and had their pupil stitched over it.

closeup of their pupil that looks like it's spilling into the rest of the eye
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3.This person can bend their toes back.

hand pulling toes all the way back
u/jeepers101 / Via reddit.com

4.This person has Dermatographism, where if they lightly scratch at their arm, it'll create raised bumps (so you can essentially draw and spell things).

person wrote fart on their arm
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5.This person has dental tori, where harmless bones grow under your tongue.

closeup of their mouth
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6.And this person has a tooth growing out of the roof of their mouth.

closeup of the tooth
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7.Here you can see inflammation from a mite sting moving down the lymphatic system.

red trail going down someone's body
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8.This person's tattoo became 3D when they were sick.

raised tattoo
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9.This person was born with a double thumb and had it removed.

their thumb up against a photo of them as a baby with 2 thumbs
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10.This person can hold things backwards.

hand gripping a water bottle in the opposite direction of what is natural
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11.This person has a skin transplant from their upper arm to their hand that gets a lot tanner than the rest of their hand skin.

some of the fingers are more tan than the rest of the hand
u/ladysmalltown / Via reddit.com

12.This person also received a skin graft, and it grows hair.

hairy patch on a hand
u/everyone_always / Via reddit.com

13.This scar never gets dirty, even when the rest of the person's hand does.

clean spot on someone's hand
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14.This person burned their skin, and you can see the melanin coming back in as spots as it heals.

spotty patch of skin
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15.Here's what a lightning strike survivor looks like.

person's arm looks like it's tattooed with vines going down
u/Surgeox / Via reddit.com

16.Here's how much naturally red hair can fade from the ages of 16 to 27.

cut hair put up against the person's head
u/fiori_ / Via reddit.com

17.Here's what it looks like to have stitches in your eye.

closeup of the stitches seen in the eye

18.This person had a beard hair that looks more like a brush prong.

the thick beard hair put up against a regular beard hair and it's so much thicker
u/Helmfire / Via reddit.com

19.And this person had a beard hair that turned white and split into a few strands.

  u/Hamsta1o1 / Via reddit.com
u/Hamsta1o1 / Via reddit.com

20.This person's thumb doesn't really bend, and thus it doesn't have the joint wrinkle most fingers have.

closeup of the thumb
u/solve_PvsNP / Via reddit.com

21.This person can stretch their fingers in a wild way.

pointer and pinky look like they're doing the splits
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22.This person has borderline translucent skin.

you can see all the veins in their chest
u/KaleidoscopeWild9670 / Via reddit.com

23.This isn't technically a body part, but I just need everyone to see this earwax that came out of a guy's ear.

very long line of wax
u/Xerophile420 / Via reddit.com

24.Here's an intense close-up of an eye.

  u/kyzzooo / Via reddit.com
u/kyzzooo / Via reddit.com

25.And here's an even more super close up of what an eye looks like.

you can see all the veins
u/Moorebluey / Via reddit.com

26.Here's what the inside of a bone looks like.

  u/ranzdalf / Via reddit.com
u/ranzdalf / Via reddit.com

27.Here's how much a person with Hyperhidrosis regularly sweats on their hands.

very wet hand
u/Najam99 / Via reddit.com

28.This person has six fingers on each hand.

both hands laid out on the table
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29.Just...everything about this person's foot.

there's two toes in one
u/darbel / Via reddit.com

30.This person's arms bend the wrong way.

arms bend around the opposite way
u/bibi-bean / Via reddit.com

31.This is what it looks like when you take off a too-small ring you've been wearing for two and a half years.

finger is caved in
u/AndersonZR / Via reddit.com

32.This person was born without a nail on one finger.

  [deleted] / Via reddit.com
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

33.This is what it looks like to have POTS and have blood pool into one leg.

one leg is red and the other is normal
u/chronic-void / Via reddit.com

34.Here's how two different legs look after the right leg was injured and had no weight put on it for three months.

the right ankle looks swollen
u/safetymeetingcaptain / Via reddit.com

35.Here's the difference in tans of two twins — one who often goes outside, and one who doesn't.

  u/anthonyjanthonysmith / Via reddit.com
u/anthonyjanthonysmith / Via reddit.com

36.Here's what a circular ingrown hair looks like.

  u/PickleRicksFunHouse / Via reddit.com
u/PickleRicksFunHouse / Via reddit.com

37.This person was born without a full ear.

earlobe sticking out of their head
u/maleficentjuliette / Via reddit.com

38.You've probably heard of heterochromia, where people have two different eye colors. But have you ever seen someone naturally have two different hair (and eyebrow) colors?

one blond eyebrow and one darker one
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39.And finally, here's what a baby born en-caul (still in the amniotic sac) looks like.

baby squirming inside the sac
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