Why more than 32,000 people listen to this cat licking a microphone

You may have seen videos of people brushing their hair, whispering into microphones and role playing medical visits, all in the name of giving you static-like tingles or as it’s technically known – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

ASMR in it’s simplest form is essentially pleasant sounds designed to send enjoyable shiver-like sensations through your body, which can result in a relaxing feeling and some so called ’ASMR artists’ are so skilled at this quirky trend that they are earning a living from the addictive videos going viral.

Kiwi the cat is proving that whatever humans can do, cats can do better. The moggy, with piercing green eyes from Austria, has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram listening to his every lick, purr and chomp.

Kiwi is lapping up the attention from his online fanbase. Source: @hello_iamkiwi

The British shorthair has amassed a fanbase by simply doing what cats do best, with his owner there to capture every adorable sound via a high tech microphone. By the looks of his instagram videos, Kiwi is oblivious to his ASMR talent.

Intense purring is induced with head scratches, tasty treats and toys, all Kiwi has to do is lie back and lap it up – all to help you sink into a deep relaxation.

Kiwi doesn’t break a sweat during his ASMR creations. Source: @hello_iamkiwi

Fans of ASMR claim the calming sounds can help with everything from anxiety to sleeping issues and while scientists can’t exactly pinpoint how effective ASMR is or why, converts just keep coming back for more.

Especially where Kiwi is involved.

Most followers seem to agree that Kiwi is “pure adorable overload.”

“I can’t stop watching,” one viewer said.

“Now I understand how people can lose hours of their day watching kitty videos,” another fan replied.

Fans are also mesmerised by kiwi’s sapphire green eyes. Source: @hello_iamkiwi

So why is Kiwi so great at helping you get your daily dose of relaxation?

One poster thinks they have nailed the reason felines are the up and coming stars of ASMR.

“Cats are like ASMR animal icons because they seem to enjoy it just as much as humans do,” they said.

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