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31 Times Pumpkin Spice Went Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay Too Damn Far

We're well into September, and even though it's 90 degrees where I am, pumpkin spice season is upon us.

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Because Americans love nothing more than running a trend completely into the ground, here are 31 of the most unusual and intriguing pumpkin-spiced products ever made...

1.Pumpkin spice salmon:

2. Pumpkin spice "dude wipes":

Twitter: @DUDEwipes

3.Pumpkin spice cat litter:

4.Pumpkin spice lap dances:

5. Pumpkin spice garbage bags:

Twitter: @chrisplummer

6. Pumpkin spice bird seed:

Twitter: @Chantzilla1

7. Pumpkin spice makeup wipes:

Twitter: @Kainin

8.Pumpkin spice sausage:

9.Pumpkin spice Gouda:

10.Pumpkin spice Kraft macaroni and cheese:

11.Pumpkin spice poppers:

12. Pumpkin spice Cheerios:

Twitter: @JasonSCampbell

13. Pumpkin spice ramen:

Twitter: @itsccouurttneyy

14.Pumpkin spice cough drops:

15.Pumpkin spice deodorant:

16.Pumpkin spice hummus:

17. Pumpkin spice salad:

Twitter: @LindsayMpls

18. Pumpkin spice dog treats:

Twitter: @asking4myself

19.Pumpkin spice butter:

20.Pumpkin spice peanut butter:

21. Pumpkin spice paper towels:

Twitter: @grantandstuff

22.Pumpkin spice lube:

23.Pumpkin spice rubber:

24.Pumpkin spice cheese curds:

25. Pumpkin spice soap:

Twitter: @mlheien

26.Pumpkin spice poo spray:

27. Pumpkin spice tamales:

Twitter: @casteeezy

28.Pumpkin spice bone broth:

29. Pumpkin spice seltzer:

Twitter: @AndrewGortonWx

30. Pumpkin spice propane:

Twitter: @WillieHandler

31.And lastly, pumpkin spice toilet paper: