'The audacity': $300K McLaren driver's 'unbelievable' parking job

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A supercar driver in Melbourne has faced a wave of criticism after images of their vehicle parked in not one but two disabled parking bays were shared online.

The offending motorist was caught taking up the two spots with their blue McLaren 570GT in an underground car park at the 670 Chapel Street shopping centre on Sunday.

One user uploaded photos of the vehicle to Facebook group Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame, saying the driver's actions were "absolutely unbelievable". They said there was no disabled parking permit displayed by the car.

In her photos a BMW SUV can be seen sharing one of the spots with the McLaren.

McLaren car parked across two disabled parking spots.
The McLaren driver infuriated many online. Source: Facebook

"Parking in a disability spot when not disabled but also having the audacity to park in two disability spots and blocking in another car, who for all they know have someone in a wheelchair that now can’t get inside their car, just to save their precious McLaren," they wrote.

It is unclear which vehicle arrived first, however another user revealed they spotted a parent struggling to get their child into the rear of their vehicle because of the McLaren's placement.

"The very definition of selfish and stupid. All that money and no sense," one person wrote.

Another image of the vehicle was shared in a group dedicated to bad parking in Melbourne.

"Surely no one is that arrogant," one person said.

"I get that it's an expensive car, but don't double park in the disabled spaces," another wrote.

A McLaren luxury car shown parked across two disabled parking bays.
Many suggested the driver parked across two spaces to avoid damage to the vehicle. Source: Facebook

The vehicle has a private sale price of about $300,000, according to checkrego.com.au.

Yahoo News Australia contacted the shopping centre and onsite security over the matter however they were unaware of the incident.

Why respecting disabled parking bays is vital

Last week a driver in South Australia faced similar backlash for encroaching on a disabled parking space while in use.

People with Disability Australia CEO Sebastian Zagarella told Yahoo News Australia motorists must not simply think a disabled parking space is solely for closer access to a location.

“Respecting disabled parking bays by making sure people park between the lines in parking spots next to the disabled parking bays, helps ensures people with disability can get in and out of our vehicles," he said.

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