3 Years on, NSW Police Vow to Not Give Up on William Tyrrell's Disappearance

On the third anniversary of William Tyrrell’s disappearance, New South Wales Police vowed to “not give up” on the investigation.

“We are very mindful of the public’s expectation that a crime of this nature should be solved,” Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin from the Homicide Squad said at a press conference on September 12. “What we are interested in, is people that have genuine information – that information might be in the form of someone that has concerns about someone they know, someone within their family… that the way they react when William Tyrrell’s name is mentioned might cause suspicion.”

An unprecedented award of $1 million is offered by the NSW government for information that would help find Tyrrell, who went missing from his grandmother’s yard in Kendall on New South Wales’ Mid North Coast on September 12, 2014. Credit: NSW Police Force via Storyful