3 Body Problem star breaks down heartbreaking moment Will mission fails

3 Body Problem spoilers.

3 Body Problem star Jess Hong has opened up about the heartbreaking moment Operation Staircase fails.

The live-action Netflix series follows a group of scientists and detectives who are left to deal with the consequences of a decision made in 1960s China.

In the final episode of the eight-part series, the Staircase Project – a probe blasted out into space to gather information on alien race San-Ti – goes awry when the parachute unexpectedly breaks and the capsule veers off course.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Hong, who plays scientist Jin Cheng in the series, explained how the mission's failure impacted her character.

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"There's a lot of hope. Firstly, there's the anxiety of just seeing it take off into the hope and the fear – all of that. They really put it into stages very well in the editing," she said.

"You have a moment of hope when it gets past the third one, and it's like, 'It's going! It's going! This could be it, right?' And then the moment the hope breaks, it's like a dam breaking. Everything comes crashing down because she's been suppressing her emotions.

"And she's a very emotional person. But she's been compressing everything to focus on work, to get this across the line, and not letting herself even believe that it's possible to fail. Because she, herself, hasn't really failed in her career. She's a genius. She doesn't fail. She just works until she achieves the result."

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The mission was doubly challenging for Jin, after her love interest Will Downing's (Alex Sharp) brain – which was located inside the probe – drifted aimlessly into space.

Hong, who conducted the interview alongside co-star Zine Tseng, went on to explain how Will's dismemberment will devastate Jin after she had planned to reveal her feelings for him.

"It's doubly emotional failure of knowing that [Will is] off, and then probably never to be found again; and then there's the second one of her as an academic, as an intellectual, as a scientist failing for the first time, in the most profound way. So I think it's a real kick in the ass," she said.

3 Body Problem streams on Netflix.

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