27 Infuriating Screenshots Of Neighbor Drama That Made Me Understand Why Some People Move To The Country

1.This nosy neighbor who put up a security camera facing their neighbor's yard after they put a fence up for privacy:

a camera facing the neighbor's yard
u/harbinger_CHI / Via reddit.com

2.This neighbor who kept asking for more and more money:

Someone asks for $20, the neighbor gives it to them, then the requester says their husband asked if they could give them $30
u/evilvix / Via reddit.com

3.This neighbor who reported their neighbor to HOA for running a daycare because they heard kids playing:

"and they like to play with the neighbor kids"
u/JustJJ92 / Via reddit.com

4.This neighbor who parked in front of their neighbor's mailbox:

a truck parked in front of a mailbox
u/Negative_Permit / Via reddit.com

5.This neighbor who didn't pay for the Hulu account they were using:

Someone asks their neighbor for access to their Hulu account, the neighbor says yes if they pay them the $15 they agreed on, and the requester says they have to take their dog to the vet and might not be able to pay
u/jtylerglenn / Via reddit.com
The neighbor insists they need the $15, and the requester goes on a rant about how they're going to start keeping tabs on everything they lend to people
u/jtylerglenn / Via reddit.com
The neighbor says the requester is overreacting and all they need is the $15 they agreed upon, and the requester says since the password on the account has now changed, they won't be paying
u/jtylerglenn / Via reddit.com
The neighbor says they knew the requester wouldn't keep their word, then the requester goes on an angry rant before insisting they're smiling right now and not mad
u/jtylerglenn / Via reddit.com

6.This neighbor who wanted access to a pool that wasn't theirs:

Someone asking what to do about their neighbors who keep trying to use their pool because they say they had an agreement with the previous owner of the house
u/Indianfattie / Via reddit.com

7.These neighbors who signed a petition to get someone to cut down the trees in their yard:

A petition form with five people who signed asking someone to remove the poplar trees from their property because the leaves fall into other people's yards
u/brmamabrma / Via reddit.com
A picture of the yard in question, which has a row of nine poplar trees
u/brmamabrma / Via reddit.com

8.These neighbors who would completely block the stairway with their shoes:

shoes on the stairs
u/dsuperville / Via reddit.com

9.This neighbor who learned not to play with bows and arrows in their neighborhood:

a cracked window
u/SolarMatter / Via reddit.com

10.This neighbor who wanted a dog-sitter...for free:

Someone frames their request as a "play date," but asks if there is anyone willing to house their dog and stay at home with it all day
u/mysecretredditlife / Via reddit.com

11.This neighbor who appreciated a manicured lawn:

A sarcastic note says "congratulations, you mowed, can you keep it up? Your neighbors would be very grateful if your house did not look like it was abandoned"
u/mahelke / Via reddit.com

12.This neighbor whose son threw a fit when someone didn't mow their dad's lawn:

A son asks his dad's neighbor to trim his dad's lawn, the neighbor says they're working 12-hour shifts and can't do it, and the requester tries to guilt trip them by saying he lives 26 miles away and can't do it
u/ivanthemute / Via reddit.com

13.This person who texted their neighbor to bring them cookies:

Someone asks for cookies, their neighbor suggests delivery, the requester says they don't want to pay, the neighbor suggests they make their own, and the requester says "how about you make them and give them to me"
u/floatingwithobrien / Via reddit.com

14.This neighbor who returned a child's football like this after it was accidentally thrown into their yard:

a cut-up football
u/buddahsumo / Via reddit.com

15.This neighbor who wanted free, homecooked food delivered to them:

Someone says they're a teacher and hungry and ask if someone can bring them food, a commenter suggests a food delivery app, and the requester says "I'm looking for free food, home cooked"
u/claudiiarodas / Via reddit.com

16.This neighbor who stole someone's mail:

A note says they mistakenly received landscaping fabric weeks ago, used most of it, but have some left and offer to sell what's left to the person it was supposed to be delivered to
u/BigMacDaddy99 / Via reddit.com

17.This neighbor who threw out items they were gifted right in front of the person who gave them to them:

A new neighbor moved in, asked for linens, their neighbor gave them a bag of them and watched as the neighbor ripped open the bag and threw away anything they didn't want
u/anonymous / Via reddit.com

18.This neighbor who blamed someone for something they couldn't control:

A note that says "shame on you" to someone for allowing leaves from his tree to blow into the yard of his 85-year-old neighbor
u/leinad1972 / Via reddit.com

19.This neighbor who was picky about free fruit:

Someone sends an email to their neighborhood saying they have free fresh-grown blackberries, and a neighbor responds "I know they're free and that's great, but are they organic?"
u/FingerBangHer69 / Via reddit.com

20.This neighbor who made a noise complaint — well, more of a threat, actually:

A note says "something bad is going to happen to your dog if you don't get its barking under control"
u/cnotethegoat123 / Via reddit.com

21.This neighbor who was PISSED that snow wasn't shoveled from their property:

Someone is angry one of their neighbors used their snow blower on other neighbors' houses but not theirs, and says "I hope your snow blower catches fire and burns your house down"
u/djsmith89 / Via reddit.com

22.This neighbor who kept their absurdly bright security light on all day and night:

a bright security light
u/TaudeTheThird / Via reddit.com

23.This neighbor who let their dog pee on their neighbor's pumpkins:

pumpkins with pee on them
u/SpookyGen13 / Via reddit.com

24.This neighbor who would take up two parking spots when his wife wasn't home so that they were the only tenants who could park their cars in the shade:

a car taking up two spaces
u/reedtheraccoon / Via reddit.com

25.This neighbor who essentially wanted free babysitting:

During the pandemic, a parent says their neighbor offered to let their kids use their faster Wi-Fi during school hours so they wouldn't fall behind
u/ActualAdviceAsshole / Via reddit.com
The parent then asks the neighbors if the kids can just do their schooling at their house, so the parent has time to decompress and clean the house
u/ActualAdviceAsshole / Via reddit.com
When the neighbor refuses and says the parent is looking for a free babysitter, the parent gets angry, says some rude things, and wonders why the neighbor can't help them out
u/ActualAdviceAsshole / Via reddit.com

26.These neighbors who were actually mad that someone had Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving:

A second note says "It is not fucking Christmas, take them down and wait until after Thanksgiving"
u/Ezzy17 / Via reddit.com

27.And lastly, this neighbor who kept placing empty syringes on their neighbor's balcony to try to get them evicted:

someone holding empty syringes
u/mtsiri / Via reddit.com