27 Petty Reasons People Refused To Date Someone, Ranging From Being An "Empath" To "His Allergies Are A Sign Of Weakness"

Recently, redditor u/bigdawgcat asked, "What is the pettiest reason why you wouldn’t date somebody?" Listen...we all have them. Fellow redditors shared their own personal reasons, and I've gotta say...some of these I totally get, and some of them have me throwing a bit of side eye. Here are 27 of the pettiest reasons they shared:

1."I briefly dated a young woman who was insanely out of my league. People stared when we went out. Anyway, her voice was like Minnie Mouse, and I just couldn't take it. I still feel bad about that one."


2."My cat said hello to her, and she didn't say hi back."


3."She ate her peas one at a time! You've never seen anything like it. It took her an hour to finish them. I mean, we've had dinner other times. I've seen her eat corn niblets, but she scooped them."


4."He wore the same shirt on both of our dates. Get this — years later, I got into the elevator at work, and he was there. IN THE SAME SHIRT."


"you are an outfit repeater"
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5."'If a woman has a horse in her dating profile, you will never be more important than that horse.' It may be petty, but it's backed up by personal experience."


6."She said she 'had to go tinkles' on our blind date. Never contacted her again."


7."A female friend broke up with a guy because 'his allergies were a sign of weakness.' Yeah, I responded the same way you did."


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8."I had a friend who wouldn’t date this guy because he had one crooked tooth. He was the nicest guy, truly a wonderful person. Like, if I hadn’t been in a serious relationship, I would’ve dated this guy. Fast-forward and he meets a wonderful woman, and they get married. My friend was all weird about it. I asked why, and she said, 'Well, I thought he liked me enough to get his twisted tooth fixed.' It was the silliest thing I’ve ever heard."


9."If they mention astrology more than once in their dating profile."


10."If they have '💵😛📈✈️' or some shit like that in their bio. Just seems like some scammer or Ponzi scheme shit."


11."They audibly scraped their teeth on metal silverware with every bite they took."


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12."I have a friend who stopped dating someone because he found out they were lactose intolerant. His reasoning why was, 'What if I taste a really great dessert, and I want to share the experience with her, and she can’t even taste it?'"


13."Their belly button sticks out. They're so gross-looking to me that it's an instant turn off."


14."I dumped a girl in middle school because I didn’t want to buy her a Christmas gift. 🧐"


15."Trash on the floor of their vehicle. I'm not saying that their car has to be spotless, but I'm out if you can't take the time to at least keep the food wrappers and cups thrown away."


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16."Because her eye was twitching while we were talking to each other. I was a dumb freshmen in college. This girl was super attractive, smart, and we got along great. For some unfathomable reason, this made me want to not talk to her again. Later it dawned on me that it was during finals, and she was heavily caffeinated, and that can be a side effect. She dodged a bullet because I was a complete dingleberry."


17."He'd briefly dated my ex-best friend (after our friendship ended, and when they were, like, 15). Even though it'd been, like, four years since at the time, I wasn't gonna be caught dead taking her sloppy seconds."


18."She wore fake glasses with no lenses in them, and that just seemed like a gigantic red flag."


19."He slept in those tiny no-show socks. Let me be clear — he didn't wear them any other time, just when he went to bed. There were some other, more real, red flags, but when I saw him whip them out and put them on the second time we slept together, I legitimately thought to myself, 'Actually, I don't think I can fix this one.'"


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20."Saying, 'I'm an empath.'"


21."If they’re into conspiracy theories. I dated a guy who was, and it consumed his life. It’s all he talked about. I couldn’t even watch a movie with him because he would talk through the whole thing about how it relates to certain conspiracy theories. I also could never enjoy my food. We would make a big dinner on Friday nights to start the weekend, when we both had long days at work. We’d sit down to finally eat, and he’d pull out his phone and put on conspiracy videos. He’d make me watch them sooo loudly while I ate. And he’d talk through all of them, too. I could never tell him that I wasn’t interested or I just wanted to eat, because he’d get mad. It ruined my whole meal."


22."When they use their dating profile to complain about past relationships. But 'subtly.' Like, 'I don't date liars, cheaters, back-stabbers!' or something along those lines."


23."I one time brought this girl back home, and she helped herself into my chinchilla's cage!!! Bitch, he don’t know you! She never heard from me again."


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24."I broke it off with a guy that ordered water and then stole soda from the self-serve station. It was the grossest example of being cheap. Keep in mind he was a grown man with a good job."


25."She kept asking questions during movies. Like, mf I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, either!"


26."His mouth was shaped like a trapezoid when he talked. Couldn’t unsee it anymore."


27.And finally, "A college friend of mine was dating a girl who was amazing, smart, and funny, but she had put on a few extra pounds recently, which really bothered him. We were driving down a big hill on a hot summer night and saw a young woman running up the hill toward us, really sweating, face purple, and looking pretty haggard, huffing and puffing. He made a comment like, 'Holy shit, this girl is struggling.' We got closer; it was her. Long awkward pause. 'Well, I’m going to have to break up with her,' he said. Fast-forward six months, we ran into her at a pub, and she was in absolute perfect shape. When he tried to make a move, she told him aloud, in front of a table full of her friends, that she wasn’t interested in him, and that he had dumped her for getting fat. Top five funniest takedowns I’ve ever seen. Ten years later, he’s been divorced twice and has had a long list of shitty relationships."


Have you ever broken up with someone for a petty reason like these? Or is there a petty thing that's a total dealbreaker for you? If so, tell us in the comments below or via this anonymous form.

Note: Reddit submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.