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25 People Who Embarrassed Themselves More Than That Time You Crapped Your Pants In Grade School

Teenagers find a lot of the world OMG SO EMBARRASSING!

"You're embarrassing me!"
@sadie / Via

And you know what? They're right. This world, way too often, is super cringey, super embarrassing, and super infuriating (and sometimes all three at once). I mean, just take a look at:

1.This dad who keeps posting on his public Facebook account about his AI girlfriend "Angel":

An AI girlfriend named Angel
u/luvbugz1 · / Via

2.This dude from Turkey who is desperate to get this Eastern European woman to come visit him:

"turkey supports ukraine"
u/delightfulchord912 / Via

3.And this dude who posted about doing it all on their own... BUILDING from scratch! NO inheritance! No handouts! And then:

"Your dad left y'all houses didn't he?"
yu/[deleted] / Via

4.This spelling-challenged tough guy who put this decal on his car:

"Call the corner not the police"
u/PinheadGoo / Via

5.This equally tough guy who likes to hold his rifle while watching his favorite show Yellowstone:

"He likes to pretend he's fighting off the bad guys"
u/cylon203 / Via

6.And this sexist jerk who — seriously? — won't sell his gaming laptop to a woman:

"I'm not selling to women it's not a sewing machine"
u/Mynamejeaff · / Via

7.The mom of this person's ex who threw a fit when the person unfriended them...despite the fact they only met once and the breakup happened 4+ years earlier:

"but I don't want to be friends with someone that doesn't want to be friends with me."
u/yebbaedmonds / Via

8.This, uh, well...whatever ALL THIS is:

"I have masturbated to this scene so many times."
u/yaboiBradyC / Via

9.This customer who left their server an incredible tip (kudos for that), but then got REALLY CREEPY:

"Beautiful nipples princess"
u/dopeycurfew137 · / Via

10.This clueless would-be Romeo who doesn't realize he's flirting — and fighting — with an auto reply:

"wanna fuck?"
u/MeowMistiDawn / Via

11.This person who wants everyone to know they're not like their peers...they're SMART!:

"having an extremely high IQ has its perks!"
u/BoopBoop20 / Via

12.And this mom who also wants everyone to know she's smart, and, uh, I guess that she "bred" with a PhD scientist:

"I bred with a PhD physicist."
u/Loud-One-6396 / Via

13.The people who run a travel hotel...and put a Black guest in this room without thinking twice:

A racist painting on a wall
u/Iamthewarthog / Via

14.And this person (possibly from the same town as the travel hotel) whose words said more than they realized:

"we have a colored server that we absolutely love."
u/Digita-Pntics / Via

15.This person who is way, way, WAY over the top about their political beliefs:

A truck with political decor
u/yourdp / Via

16.This woman who is so much better than a "normal human being":

Closeup of a woman drinking a coffee
u/iamzeN123 / Via

17.This creep who had a predictably gross response when a woman told him she was having a hard time:

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/livw17 / Via

18.And this woman who proves it's not just men (although its a LOT of men) who are acting creepy out there:

"you thought I was fucking serious?!"
u/tiltedryan / Via

19.This crypto boy who is living the (cringey) life:

"Peak crypto living"
u/Ironfingers · / Via

20.This mom who is way too attached to nursing her 3-year-old:

"Yesterday, my 3-year-old barely nursed."
u/SometimesPopular / Via

21.And this grumpy soul who bit this person's head off via text:

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/mybadBIL / Via

22.This full-of-it content creator who tried to flex and got called out:

"i swear the delivery instructions are put by whoever orders tho?????"
u/snrckrd / Via

23.This equally full-of-it aspiring musician who totally rocked Lounge 89, you guys:

"sorry, youre right"
u/Iamabioticgod / Via

24.This person who put on Facebook that they were in a relationship with their crush...when they weren't:

"Wtf ...? I'm not in a relationship with you?"
u/MustNeedDogs / Via

25.And this couple arguing about whether they should have a baby who took their disagreement to Facebook:

"This has nothing to do with you. You're not a part of this."
u/Laysyartist84 / Via

HR: r/cringepics