25 People Who Embarrassed Themselves More Than That Time You Crapped Your Pants In Grade School

Teenagers find a lot of the world OMG SO EMBARRASSING!

"You're embarrassing me!"

And you know what? They're right. This world, way too often, is super cringey, super embarrassing, and super infuriating (and sometimes all three at once). I mean, just take a look at:

1.This dad who keeps posting on his public Facebook account about his AI girlfriend "Angel":

An AI girlfriend named Angel

2.This dude from Turkey who is desperate to get this Eastern European woman to come visit him:

"turkey supports ukraine"

3.And this dude who posted about doing it all on their own... BUILDING from scratch! NO inheritance! No handouts! And then:

"Your dad left y'all houses didn't he?"

4.This spelling-challenged tough guy who put this decal on his car:

"Call the corner not the police"

5.This equally tough guy who likes to hold his rifle while watching his favorite show Yellowstone:

"He likes to pretend he's fighting off the bad guys"

6.And this sexist jerk who — seriously? — won't sell his gaming laptop to a woman:

"I'm not selling to women it's not a sewing machine"

7.The mom of this person's ex who threw a fit when the person unfriended them...despite the fact they only met once and the breakup happened 4+ years earlier:

"but I don't want to be friends with someone that doesn't want to be friends with me."

8.This, uh, well...whatever ALL THIS is:

"I have masturbated to this scene so many times."

9.This customer who left their server an incredible tip (kudos for that), but then got REALLY CREEPY:

"Beautiful nipples princess"

10.This clueless would-be Romeo who doesn't realize he's flirting — and fighting — with an auto reply:

"wanna fuck?"

11.This person who wants everyone to know they're not like their peers...they're SMART!:

"having an extremely high IQ has its perks!"

12.And this mom who also wants everyone to know she's smart, and, uh, I guess that she "bred" with a PhD scientist:

"I bred with a PhD physicist."

13.The people who run a travel hotel...and put a Black guest in this room without thinking twice:

A racist painting on a wall

14.And this person (possibly from the same town as the travel hotel) whose words said more than they realized:

"we have a colored server that we absolutely love."

15.This person who is way, way, WAY over the top about their political beliefs:

A truck with political decor

16.This woman who is so much better than a "normal human being":

Closeup of a woman drinking a coffee

17.This creep who had a predictably gross response when a woman told him she was having a hard time:

Screenshot of a text exchange

18.And this woman who proves it's not just men (although its a LOT of men) who are acting creepy out there:

"you thought I was fucking serious?!"

19.This crypto boy who is living the (cringey) life:

"Peak crypto living"

20.This mom who is way too attached to nursing her 3-year-old:

"Yesterday, my 3-year-old barely nursed."

21.And this grumpy soul who bit this person's head off via text:

Screenshot of a text exchange

22.This full-of-it content creator who tried to flex and got called out:

"i swear the delivery instructions are put by whoever orders tho?????"

23.This equally full-of-it aspiring musician who totally rocked Lounge 89, you guys:

"sorry, youre right"

24.This person who put on Facebook that they were in a relationship with their crush...when they weren't:

"Wtf ...? I'm not in a relationship with you?"

25.And this couple arguing about whether they should have a baby who took their disagreement to Facebook:

"This has nothing to do with you. You're not a part of this."

HR: r/cringepics