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23 Major Movie Reveals And Twists That Were Literally Right In The Trailer

Personally, I'm a major fan of movie trailers. I'm that person who's rewatching the trailer ten times, getting hyped to actually see the movie.

  MPAA / Via
MPAA / Via

But even I have to admit, there have been times where I thought a trailer made a movie look good...then saw the movie and realized the trailer had basically given away all the best twists, jokes, and scenes. So recently, Reddit user WikipediaBurntSienna asked, "Which movie trailers spoiled their movie the worst?" I was ready to hear about allll the movie trailers that did us wrong.

person saying, takes the mystery out
The WB

Here are 23 movie trailers that gave away MAJOR plot points, character reveals, twists, and scenes.

🚨🚨Spoilers ahead, obviously.🚨🚨

1."Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It very blatantly showed them teaming up after their fight, and also did a full reveal for Wonder Woman."

batman, superman, and wonder woman fighting together

Watch the trailer here:

2."Castaway gives away that he makes it back home."

person saying, you were lost for four years, we had a funeral, coffin

Watch the trailer here:

3."How to Train your Dragon 2. They show Hiccup's mother returning, and spoil the entire emotional punch of the move."

him asking his mother, do i know you

Watch the trailer here:

4."The Truman Show. It literally shows him leaving in the trailer. Totally ruined it for me."

truman asking, was none of it real

Watch the trailer here:

5."All the promotion material for Thor: Ragnarok gave away that the Hulk was gonna appear in the movie. How hype would it have been if you didn't know the Hulk was gonna be in the movie?"

split image of captain america and the hulk

Watch the trailer here:

6."This is exactly how I feel about Spider-man being in Civil War. How wild would it have been to go in not knowing that? After that, I swore I’d never (intentionally) watch an MCU trailer again."

spiderman holding captain america's shield saying, hey everyone

Watch the trailer here:

7."My friend and I still agree that the 'those aren't mountains...they're waves' scene in Interstellar would've been the most mind-blowing moment in a film that had a number of memorable ones, had it not been entirely spoiled by the trailer. To this day, it's still the reason I avoid all trailers except for the occasional teaser."

character saying, those aren't mountains, they're waves
Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

Watch the trailer here:

8."For Terminator 2, it was spoiled that Arnold's Terminator wasn't a killer robot. As I watched the movie, I felt like they could have made it a mind-blowing twist that he was actually there to protect the Connors rather than kill them."

voiceover saying, once he was programmed to destroy the future, now his mission is to protect it

Watch the trailer here:

9."Terminator Salvation kept the trend going by revealing Sam Worthington was a Terminator in the trailer."

character saying, i am human

Watch the trailer here:

10.One last Terminator one: "Terminator: Genisys spoiled that John Connors was a Terminator in it for some reason. Terminator and revealing trailers are an iconic duo."

character saying, what have they done to my son

Watch the trailer here:

11."Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Showing Colin Firth coming back to life took all the weight out of the reveal in the movie."

his character shaving and another character saying, oh my god...harry
20th Century Fox

Watch the trailer here:

12."Supposedly Dennis Villeneuve wanted it to be a surprise twist when Deckard showed up in Blade Runner 2049, but the studio said they needed Harrison Ford on all of the promotional material to sell the movie."

voiceover saying, i had your job once, i was good at it
Warner Bros. Pictures/Sony Pictures Releasing International

Watch the trailer here:

13.The Amazing Spider-Man 2 showed a ton of shots of Gwen falling that mirrored her death scene in the comics (as well as with her wearing about the same outfit as her character wears during her death in the comics), as well as shots of Peter crying over what looks like it may be blonde hair, and Peter at a funeral. It also spoiled that Rhino would be in the film — showing footage from literally the last scene in the movie.

Suggested by u/spaceraingame and u/FightTheFlower

Watch the trailer that teases the rhino battle (which didn't even end up happening in full in the film) here:

14."The trailer for Get Out has a shot from near the end of the film where his girlfriend Rose has her hair slicked back and aims a rifle at someone outside the house with a menacing look. It was quick, but enough to confirm to me that she would be a villain."

woman aiming a rifle
Universal Pictures

Watch the trailer here.

15."The Phantom Menace. People would have shit bricks seeing Maul’s double saber for the first time."

people fighting with light sabers

Watch the trailer here:

16."Quarantine's trailer showed the final scene of Angela being dragged away by the infected. I haven't seen the movie, but my brother told me he was so disappointed when he realized while he was watching it that it was the final shot of the movie."

person being dragged on the floor at night

Watch the trailer here:

17."Oblivion was a big one for me. It's not the only twist of the movie but in the story the protagonist has to deal with aliens but then it turns out to be humans. Quite an interesting twist in the story it they had not shown the whole thing in the trailer."

person locked in a vessel

Watch the trailer here:

18."The Godfather Part II shows Hyman Roth get shot."

the gunshot happening
Paramount Pictures

Watch the trailer here:

19."2012’s Avengers. Hulk catching Iron Man when he returned back to earth from the wormhole. I imagine how much more powerful that moment would’ve been had I not seen it in the trailer."

someone jumping off a roof

Watch the trailer here:

20."Ransom. [The trailer gave away] the mid-film twist, wherein Mel Gibson's character decides to take all the money he's accumulated to pay the ransom and instead posts it as a bounty on the kidnappers. That really feels like something that should have been held back."

character saying, this is your ransom this is as close as you'll ever get to it
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Watch the trailer here:

21.The trailer for Soylent Green makes it pretty darn obvious that Soylent Green is made out of people.

character finding body bags on a conveyor belt

Watch the trailer here:

22."An older one, but the trailer for Superman 3 literally shows the end of the movie, with Richard Pryor's character, who up to then has been a villain, albeit a mostly accidental one, saying 'thank you brother' to Superman after he saves him."

character saying, thank you brother
Columbia–EMI–Warner Distributors / Warner Bros.

Watch the trailer here:

23.And finally..."The trailers for both of the Sing movies give away every major plot beat and character arc for the entire ensemble cast. Literally every scene is a side character telling one of the leads they won't achieve their goal, followed immediately by a shot of said character achieving the goal."

character saying, dad i don't want to be in a gang, i want to be a singer

What movie trailer ruined the movie for you? Let us know in the comments!

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.