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23 People Who Undoubtably Think They're The Victims Here, But Are Actually The Villains

1.This professor, who decided that, apparently, students have to get above a perfect score??? to get 100%???

a perfect score on a test results in 99.89% instead of 100
u/Chronojetdragon2350 / Reddit / Via

2.This misogynistic prick who gives off strong "I'd cry if a girl beat me at a video game" energy:

sorry this is a gaming laptop i'm not selling to women it's not a sewing machine
u/princesspuddin9 / Reddit / Via

3.The person who saw absolutely nothing wrong with having an umbrella open for the whoooole Beyoncé concert, despite it literally a) being nighttime, and b) there being zero rain:

umbrella blocking the view of the stage

4.The person who paid to watch and movie and instead is watching their phone on full brightness, because that's definitely not an annoying thing to do in a theater:

person's face lit by their phone in a theater
u/Majestic_Ad1870 / Reddit / Via

5.This customer service agent who told this customer that they would not be refunding her money, and to consider it a donation???:

Here's what OP said happened:

6.This person's husband, who apparently rips the bread package open as pictured below and leaves it like that instead of being a civilized human and doing it almost any other way:

a rip through the bag instead of it being opened at the twist tie end

7.The a-hole who left this as a tip for their server:

fake money with trump on it
u/thebrokenwindow / Reddit / Via

8.This restaurant owner, who compared this patron's five-star review to *checks notes* Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer?????:

having an animal abuser praise my restaurant feels a bit like getting a compliment from hitler or jeffrey dahmer or something
u/Silent_Assasin14 / Reddit / Via

9.This lady who, for some godforsaken reason, saw nothing wrong with the whole plane having to breathe in the stench of her underwear until they land:

woman putting up a pair of underwear to the air vent
u/springheeledjack69 / Reddit / Via

10.The person who saw absolutely nothing wrong with requesting that residents of this neighborhood not park IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD so football fans can park there for free instead:

note asking residents not to park at their house so that loyal supporters of the local football team can park

11.These parents who hired a new babysitter, stayed out later than agreed upon, and turned on Do Not Disturb when she asked what time they'd be home:

message screenshot of the parents silencing notifications
u/poopfupa / Reddit / Via

12.The person who left their clothes in the communal dryer for over an hour, then had the nerve the leave this note:

Here's the story as told by OP:

13.This dentist's office that reminded their patient several times about a $59 last-minute cancelation fee...but then canceled on her literally an hour before she was supposed to come in:

message from the office saying they had to make a change in the schedule and asking if the person can come in tomorrow instead

Soooo...we're paying her $59 then, right?

u/cjs5144 / Reddit / Via

14.The super classy student who is responsible for this sign on the dorm's elevators:

please refrain from using genitalia to press buttons
u/Chris_El_Deafo / Reddit / Via

15.This entitled a-hole who said, "I'm having a bad day, so now everyone is having a bad day:"

post saying they mixed up the sauces and are fighting about it with their husband
u/brieflyrefit / Reddit / Via

16.This petty neighbor who installed floodlights going riiiiight into this person's home (SHINING INTO THEIR BEDROOM!!!), lighting it up from 7 at night to 7 in the morning:

the light coming into the house from the neighbor

17.This girlypop who ruined the date before it even started:

person asking if their date can send them an uber
u/Nondv / Reddit / Via

18.The delivery driver who put this person's drink on their literal doorstep, aka they literally cannot open the door to get it without knocking it over onto the rest of their meal:

food behind the door
u/Seeking_Starlight / Reddit / Via

19.This husband who is seemingly addicted to collecting half-eaten jars of jam, because he constantly opens new ones before even finishing the previous one, thus resulting in this:

half used jars of jam in the fridge
u/badassmamabear / Reddit / Via

20.The mail delivery person who delivered this package and thought, "Wow it fits perfectly! Good luck to whoever's problem it is to get it out!"

package can't get out of the mailbox because there is nothing to grab nor room to reach in and get it
u/rook2004 / Reddit / Via

21.This university, which made the absolutely bonkers move to utilize the good ol' "one person was bad so we're ALL staying in for recess" trick in the real world:

any damage charges in the community will be billed to each student
u/Printerbot27 / Reddit / Via

22.The employee who sent the first text to this female customer when she brought her car in alone, and the second, very different, text when she showed up with her husband:

first text starts with hey gorgeous, and the second message is professional
u/sciencemint / Reddit / Via

23.And finally, this scum of a landlord who is trying to screw these tenants out of their security deposit even though they went above and beyond to clean it:

what is the best way you've managed to keep your tenants bond money, i was relying on that to get my car services but the tenants left the house in pristine condition
u/ReadingWritngHotline / Reddit / Via

h/t r/mildlyinfuriating, r/BeggingChoosers, r/trashy, and r/facepalm