21 things we learned from Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4

21 things we learned from Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4

Warning: This article contains spoilers about all three episodes of the Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 special.

First comes the pods, then comes marriage, then comes the Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion special.

A year after (some of) the couples got married in the Love Is Blind season 4 finale, the entire pod squad came back together to catch up, share where they're at now, and play a game of flag football in three extra episodes (available now on Netflix). And while the marriages are already a year old, there's still plenty of pod drama that unfolds.

Here are 21 things we learned from all three After the Altar episodes:

1. The Browns are no longer in Seattle! After their finale wedding, Brett and Tiffany moved to Portland because of Brett's work. Tiffany was happy to support him by agreeing to move, and he loves her even more for making that sacrifice.

2. Brett has a killer impression of Zach. You have to see it to believe it.

3. Speaking of Zach, he and Bliss are even more in love now than they were a year ago when they got married. Their biggest marital issue? Zach's allergies to Bliss' pets. He now gets weekly allergy shots so he can live with her pets without having trouble breathing.

4. Kwame and Chelsea and Bliss and Zach have gotten closer since filming wrapped, since both couples live in Seattle. They've gone on vacations together, and they even share a room while traveling.

5. It turns out that Micah and Paul continued dating even after Paul said no to Micah at the altar. But Paul reveals Micah officially ended things since they were long-distance (Micah was living in Arizona at the time). She suggested they start to date again once they lived in the same place, but he thought that's only dating when convenient, so he turned her down. Micah has since moved back to Seattle, but Paul is now dating someone else.

Love Is Blind: Season 4 - Trailer
Love Is Blind: Season 4 - Trailer

courtesy netflix Micah and Paul on 'Love Is Blind: After the Altar'

6. Micah and Paul's mom, Liz, still text every day despite Micah and Paul's breakup. In the special, they go out for drinks together, and Liz threatens to break Paul's new significant other's kneecaps for Micah. This is a very... interesting friendship.

7. Jackie and Josh are still together — despite all the hate she gets on the internet for being on the show. She says she thinks Josh is hot despite his "little cauliflower broccoli ears," adding, "That's fine, I be lickin' them every night." Their relationship seems to consist of him throwing food at her, constantly making jokes about each other, and finally moving in together.

8. Zach serenades Bliss a lot, sometimes for one to two hours at a time.

9. Marshall has been dating someone, Chay, for a year now. He says he's never been happier.

10. Irina is trying to reclaim the insult of "Beans" (a.k.a. the kid from Even Stevens people keep comparing her to on the internet). While on a lunch date with Micah and Shelby talking about how she's still single, she jokes, "No one wants to date Beans."

11. Jackie's pod friend Kacia (who participated in season 4 but wasn't shown in the episodes) dated Marshall after Jackie broke up with him. But now both women have Marshall blocked.

12. Amber met a guy at a music festival in San Diego, and she's considering moving there. In a wild twist of events, Paul is also considering moving to San Diego. But don't expect a rekindling between these two pod exes — they're remaining just friends.

13. Josh says his whole "Mr. Steal Your Girl" persona from the episode 8 party was "just the tequila talking."

14. Paul calls the Micah, Irina, and Shelby trio "the villains" as they arrive to the flag football game.

15. The flag football game is extremely anticlimactic, despite all the lingering tension between some of the cast members. The teams are split by Brett and Tiffany into the Pod Squad vs. Golden Gobs (a.k.a. golden goblets). Brett and Tiffany just want everyone to have fun. Zach is extremely worried about safety/people getting hurt, and Josh really wants to win, and nothing of note happens during the game at all.

Love Is Blind: Season 4 - Trailer
Love Is Blind: Season 4 - Trailer

courtesy netflix A game of flag football on 'Love Is Blind: After the Altar'

16. At Chelsea's birthday party, Marshall apologizes to Jackie for pressuring her into a relationship and holding on to what they had when he should have just let her go. Then Jackie apologizes for how messy the breakup became. They say they're good and hug. For one of the season's most toxic relationships, this closure was surprisingly mature and tame!

17. Irina is also trying to reclaim the insult of "villain." At Chelsea's party, she tells Josh, "Us villains have got to stick together."

18. Everyone shows off their spot-on impressions of Marshall's facial expressions.

19. Irina apologizes to Amber for how she treated her during the pods, specifically for eavesdropping while Amber was crying to Chelsea about Paul breaking up with her. But Irina tries to make an excuse, saying she didn't know Amber was crying from where she was standing, so Amber calls her out for knowing exactly what she was doing. Amber also cuts Irina off before she can make any more excuses by saying she just doesn't care and has moved on, so she accepts Irina's apology. "Be better, that's all," Amber concludes.

20. At Chelsea's party, Micah tells Paul she's not ready to be friends with him, because it hurt hearing that he's dating someone new. They leave things on a sad note, but hug goodbye.

21. The biggest drama comes at the very end of the third episode, when we learn that Josh got engaged in the pods to Jackie's pod BFF Monica, but it didn't work out. After the breakup, Josh told Monica he had feelings for Jackie, and they were cool for a year. But since the show didn't include their engagement story in the episodes, Monica posted about it on Instagram to share her story with her friends and family. Josh was with Jackie at this point, and he was pissed that Monica posted about their engagement. Jackie says Monica was being "messy" for sharing her story and that she needs to just move on. Jackie and Josh both accuse Monica of "talking to blogs," but Monica says she didn't talk to any "blogs." Jackie finally admits while crying, "I know, I'm not mad at you. This s--- sucks," to which Monica's like, "What sucks? I have receipts, I'll show you everything." It looks like the former friends are on their way to making up until Josh joins the conversation and makes it worse. Monica tries to fight to repair her friendship with Jackie, but Josh is still mad that Monica posted anything at all, and that she didn't delete comments on the Instagram post from her friends who were insulting Josh. He accuses Monica of "trying to clout chase for no reason," and Monica says Josh is "a six-year-old." Jackie and Josh finally storm off and Jackie complains that she's "tired" and "can't be in this drama no more." She waits outside while Josh drops off his mic back inside the party, but instead of leaving immediately, he walks up to Marshall and Chelsea and says, "This is some bulls---, I'm tired of this drama." Marshall just ignores him while Chelsea points out why he's in the wrong in this situation. "Don't accuse someone of clout chasing," she tells him. "Be above it and live your life!" No matter what, you can always count on Chelsea to confront someone with the hard truth!

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