I Literally Dare You To Get Through All 21 Of These Photos Without Saying "WHAT" Once

Sometimes, on God's green internet, you read a sentence that's so strange, so unique, so creative, that you're just like... *chef's kiss*. Here are some of those sentences.

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1. I've never thought of maple syrup as "delicious tree blood," but this person apparently has.

Is maple the only kind of tree that has delicious blood or are we missing out on other ones

— jon drake (@DrakeGatsby) April 15, 2023

Twitter: @DrakeGatsby

2. This parrot has a calling, and also a pretty great title.

Happy pride from the trans affirming misogynist parrot pic.twitter.com/OWLPpD77DS

— ms. entertainment (@hersterics) June 3, 2023

Twitter: @hersterics

3. Could I get four baby elephants as heavy as a corgi, though? We can leave the meteor out of it.

This has to be the most fucked unit of measurement ive ever come across pic.twitter.com/wu5OeA0mFb

— gNomecliff (@Gnomecliff) February 21, 2023

Twitter: @Gnomecliff / solarseven via Shutterstock

4. "The Wilhelm Scream of dead fictional wives" is so brilliant.

why do movies keep doing this shot where the hero has a dead wife and they do a flash back where they are ethereally under a white sheet together, it's really weird. it's like the wilheim scream of dead fictional wives pic.twitter.com/5TSwkoc7QX

— 🦋The Other Happy Place🦋 (@otherhappyplace) April 19, 2023

Twitter: @otherhappyplace

5.That's it. That's what it is.

"Bro I ain't gonna write fan fiction about working at your company"

6. Well, great, I'm never getting "Michael Mouse" out of my head. That's gonna be stuck in there forever.

'Mickey' is a nickname, and nicknames are for friends, and Michael Mouse is no friend of mine.

— Kevin Mullet (@KevMagnet) September 17, 2022

Twitter: @KevMagnet

7.Say that three times fast.

"Tis I, Mandick the titty smithy."

8. A unique sentence to describe a unique experience.

At my first @Bucks game last night and thought I caught a shirt they fired into the stands out of a cannon. Turns out it was a hot bratwurst. Never in my life did I ever think I’d catch a flying hot brat but here we are. pic.twitter.com/Z0xDC5XPiY

— Tom Pigs (@sauced7) January 18, 2023

Twitter: @sauced7

9. "Babybel cheese wax crab."

boss makes a dollari make a dimethats why i make babybel cheese wax crabon company time pic.twitter.com/DX32ieaKYy

— ★ sad fat dog ★ (@doglesbian) October 4, 2022

Twitter: @doglesbian

10. I sincerely hope that exact phrase was used, and that this employee was given a raise just for coming up with it.

Once got threatened with "disciplinary action" for wearing jeans instead of khakis at a telesales job and told my boss to just fire me because I wasn't buying a special pair of "talk on the phone pants."They ended up just changing the dress code to "no profanity."

— Wirefraud Boys Chat (@MazzaDammit) January 19, 2023

Twitter: @MazzaDammit

11.You just know the position would be called something like "croaker," too.

"The rule/function of the golden snitch in quidditch is stupid and completely ruins what would otherwise be an awesome sport to watch."

12. I read this tweet on my demon box.

Just had my phone incorrectly autocorrect “ducking” to “fucking,” which means I’ve won, I’ve finally broken its spirit. How does failure taste, demon box.

— Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) September 28, 2021

Twitter: @SonnyBunch

13. Can I... can I actually lease a falcon?

Don't be boring with your midlife crisis and buy a sports car 👎🏼 Go hard. Learn magic. Lease a falcon. Start a cult. Are people worried about you? Sure. But are they also a little curious? Yeah man sign them up for the cult, you gotta make those falcon payments.

— Mike Primavera (@primawesome) January 29, 2020

Twitter: @primawesome

14. I love the way "building a house with their butthole" rolls off the tongue. I do NOT like the mental image it evokes.

how am i supposed to believe humans are the dominant species when a spider is over here building a house with their butthole

— Glenn (@Shenaniglenns) October 24, 2020

Twitter: @Shenaniglenns

15."Blue shell the one percent."

"Blue shell the 1%"

16. Deep down, aren't we all chemistry labs made of meat?

pretty fucked up that my body, a chemistry lab made of meat, simply chooses to make me feel a little bit nervous for no reason

— jame (@kloogans) October 5, 2022

Twitter: @kloogans

17. I love him.

Good news: Prancer, the 13-pound gremlin Chihuahua who hates men and children, and was described as a "vessel for a traumatized Victorian child," has been adopted by a 36-year-old single lesbian in Connecticut.https://t.co/3xrCpWemVn

— NPR (@NPR) April 27, 2021

Twitter: @NPR

18. Bussy full of beans. Bussy. Full. Of. Beans.

Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t bottom in the mountains with no lube and a bussy full of beans just for y’all to act like he’s some brand new actor

— emotional support creampie (@FeelingFisky) January 17, 2019

Twitter: @FeelingFisky

19.I'm not sure what to pick out of here.

"Looking for a VERY compact man to ride on my shoulders so I look cool"

20.That really does paint a picture.

"Eating alone in small cities."

21. And finally, "final boss cop in a goth prom dress" is maybe the single most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

court is all like “place your non shit-wiping hand on this book of half-remembered ghost stories told by inbred winos and promise not to lie to this final boss cop in a goth prom dress.” ok sure man whatever you say.

— Kyle Kinane (@kylekinane) August 15, 2022

Twitter: @kylekinane