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21 DIY Projects That Failed Soooo Hard, I Cannot Help But Laugh Uncontrollably

1.The truck hot tub:

A hot tub in a truck bed
u/Zzazy1 / Via

2.This boss who added allll these lights:

Lights everywhere on a ceiling
u/Kattivakk / Via

3.This "repair guy" who fixed an overheating laptop:

Holes poked in a laptop
u/xReaperOmega / Via

4.This light switch:

A badly placed light switch
u/FriendlySceptic / Via

5.This dad who fixed the kitchen sink:

A screwdriver in the kitchen sink
u/Metalgreek / Via

HOW is this supposed to work?!

A screwdriver in a kitchen sink
u/Metalgreek / Via

6.This deck that will absolutely, without a doubt, fall apart the moment someone gets in that pool:

An elevated pool
u/nahog99 / Via

7.This car fan???

A huge fan on a car
u/PatPetPitPotPut / Via

8.This microwave mailbox:

A microwave as a mailbox
u/Fryphax / Via

9.This nightmarish baby doll nightlight:

A doll nightlight
u/Intrepid_Wanderer / Via

10.This denim couch cover:

A denim couch cover
u/Animarchy666 / Via

11.Help, they're EVERYWHERE:

A denim couch
u/MaxtheMighty / Via
A denim couch
u/MaxtheMighty / Via
A denim pillow
u/MaxtheMighty / Via

12.These renters who cut a hole in the air duct:

A hole in an air duct
u/KlonoaOfTheWind / Via

13.This dad who painted the light yellow <3:

A yellow light
u/yasbo / Via

14.This person who used Liquid Nails to secure this mantle on the wall for a TV:

A fallen TV
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via

15.This repaired couch:

Electric tape on a couch
u/Machinefun / Via

16.This wooden fireplace:

A wooden fireplace
u/LowYak3 / Via

17.This toilet seat guitar:

A guitar made out of a toilet seat

18.This (positive) COVID test USB:

u/infinitytec / Via

19.Oh, and these aluminum tread tiles for the bathroom:

Aluminum tiles
u/chapmouse / Via

20.These zip ties for shower curtain rings:

Zip ties as curtain rods
u/rohlovely / Via
Zip ties as curtain rods
u/rohlovely / Via

21.And finally, this boyfriend who made a pillow out of his chest hair for his girlfriend:

A heart made out of chest hair
u/reillyfitz / Via
A heart made out of chest hair
u/reillyfitz / Via

Stay creative, folks!

H/T: r/DiWHY