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2024 Apple Watch to Monitor Blood Pressure and Detect Sleep Apnea: Report

Apple plans to make its upcoming Vision Pro headset a health device as well, according to a new report

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Apple Watch

A future Apple Watch is reportedly set to be a game changer for wearers' health.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, an upcoming version of the popular Apple product could feature blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection by 2024.

Apple’s forthcoming blood pressure sensor will reportedly detect when a wearer's blood pressure has risen, the outlet said, but it won’t show specific numbers.

The accessory will instead implore a user to talk to their doctor or check their blood pressure by other means. Apple hopes, however, that a future watch will be able to share exact numbers, Bloomberg said.

Apple did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment about its 2024 product plans.

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Apple, Inc Apple Store
Apple, Inc Apple Store

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The 2024 Apple Watch will also reportedly monitor breathing and sleeping habits, Bloomberg added, with the device able to predict if a user has sleep apnea, a condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night, according to The Mayo Clinic.

Once the watch detects a potential case of sleep apnea, Bloomberg reported that the device will recommend a watch wearer talk to a doctor for further confirmation.

<p>Getty</p> Apple Watch


Apple Watch

Alongside the Apple Watch, the outlet also reported that the famed technology company wants to turn its Vision Pro headset into a health device as well.

Per Bloomberg, Apple is working on new "anti-anxiety" and "enhanced meditation" features for the product, which is currently scheduled to be released in early 2024. Apple wants the product to become a virtual-reality system that will "reinforce positive thinking and improve mental health."

Apple also plans to utilize the sensors located within the Vision Pro to determine cognitive health data by scanning a user's eyes, the outlet said.

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