Duke researchers envision mind-controlled weaponry

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The Blue Devils certainly haven't fared well on the hardwood of late, but a group of engineering minds at Duke University are thinking up ways to get even. While we can't actually confirm the motives, a recent patent filing spells out details of a device that can "use the brain's thoughts to control an array of mechanical and electrical devices, up to and including weapons." Thought-controlled interfaces have long since been available, but these researchers are suggesting that everything from household items like televisions and ovens to "weapons systems" could be used to not only "improve one's quality of life," but could actually produce thoughts that litearlly kill. Interestingly, the verbiage even mentions that the recently-ratified UWB technology could be used to beam commands from your devious brain, and although it's not surprising to find that DARPA has a hand in funding department, we're still not any closer to finding out when our military will switch from triggers to impulses.

[Via Wired]

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