20 People Who I Know For A Fact — Like, An Absolute FACT — Regret Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

If you just had the absolute worst week ever, just think about...

1.The person who gave their stairs a nice, decorative layer of garbage:

Garbage from a split bag all over a staircase in a house

2.The person who might have made a tiny mistake:

Legs emerging from behind a washing machine in a dorm room

3.The person who I hope likes their corn well done:

Burnt corn that was grilled for two and a half hours

4.The person who got a nice mouthful of delicious soap:

A hand holding what looks like a large square of white and milk chocolate with peanut butter but is actually soap from the Pacha Soap Co

5.The person who's going to get well acquainted with the back of the seat in front of them:

Person on a 14-hour flight realizes they don't have their earbuds

6.The person who loves their cat very much, I'm sure:

Liquid detergent all over the floor in the person's laundry room, courtesy of their cat

7.The person who'll be enjoying some dessert fried rice tonight:

Person pours artificial vanilla extract instead of soy sauce into a pot of rice

8.The person who is experiencing some pretty heavy sfortuna right now:

Handle of a pot containing spaghetti breaks, with the spaghetti all over the kitchen floor, with caption "Delivery it is!"

9.The person who had a little trouble with the creatures of the deep:

A thigh attacked by a sea urchin, with many discolored piercings and some needles jutting out of the skin

10.The person whose grapes no longer belong to them:

Wasps all over a bunch of grapes on a tree

11.The person whose TV is running on pure sugar:

Smarties candies and candy wrapper where remote control batteries should be

12.The person who will be enjoyin' some good old-fashioned grilled spatula tonight:

Burnt utensils on the grill because their kid didn't check it before turning it on and put the utensils inside it instead of hanging them up

13.The person who just turned the most disrespected age there is:

28-year-old notices that their age isn't an option in the online age-selection tool

14.The person whose plate found a new home:

A plate is stuck inside a glass pan lid

15.The person who got an extra-special gift with their new car:

Person who just bought a used car finds a huge pile of cigarette butts behind the center console — which explains the cigarette smell

16.The person who experienced a true fruit tragedy:

A bowl of apples, each with a bite in it, with the caption "My 3-year-old is a menace"

17.The person who got a fun souvenir from the dentist:

A tooth in the palm of a hand with the caption "My dentist removed the wrong tooth"

18.The person whose car was straight chomped on:

A car with bites all along the area above the tire

19.The person whose eggs are possessed by some malevolent spirits:

Two eggs frying in a pan — one of them is red

20.And the person whose rice served a purpose no one ever wants their rice to serve:

A cat has used a pail of rice as a litter box