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20 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Week That Was Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Than Yours

If your week is going absolutely horribly, just remember...

1.The person who picked the absolute worst place to park that day:

A house balcony that fell on top of a parked car

2.The person who made a terrible, terrible mistake:

A person confused a tube of Icy Hot pain relieving cream for toothpaste

3.The person whose package got nice and smooshed:

A flattened, dirty package that a delivery truck drove over

4.The person who got trapped in a prison of their own making:

The view of a jammed door from inside a portable toilet with caption, "So, I'm trapped in a porta-potty"

5.The person who just invented caffeinated yogurt:

A pile of coffee grounds on top of a plate of yogurt with caption "I dumped my freshly ground coffee into my yogurt without thinking"

6.The person faced with this impossible task:

A huge pill in the palm of a hand with caption "This is the pill I was prescribed for my sore throat"

7.The person who might want to buff out that scratch on their phone:

A phone broken in half with caption, "Do you think rice can fix this?"

8.The person who will apparently live out the rest of their days in the interview room:

A desk and an empty chair with caption, "I've been waiting over two hours to be interviewed"

9.The person who experienced true Crocs devastation:

Close-up of a foot wearing a Crocs shoe on the ground, with caption, "I was walking Chico and he started taking a shit, but it got stuck coming out of his ass, and as he tried shaking to release it, it went airborne and landed directly into my crocs"

10.The person who saved their beloved succulent...but at what cost:

Close-up of the palm of a hand with little needles emerging from it, with caption, "If your cactus is falling over, do not try to catch it"

11.The person who learned a lesson humans have been learning since time immemorial:

View of a reclining chair with the seat upended, with two legs emerging from the sides, with caption "I leaned too far back, way too far"

12.The person who came home to a little, fun surprise:

The view of a house's hallway with a huge hole in the ceiling and tree bark, branches, and dirt on the floor, with caption "Apparently a tree fell on my house"

13.The person who might want to watch their sodium intake after this one:

A pot on a stove with a pile of salt in it, with caption "The recipe called for a dash of salt"

14.The person who will now always quadruple-bag their trash:

A torn bag with dirt, debris, and drywall scattered all over a kitchen floor, with caption "I was carrying a bag of Sheetrock outside when tragedy struck"

15.The person who will never park all willy-nilly again:

Car key fob at the bottom of a drain, as seen through a metal grate, with caption "Never park over a drain"

16.The person who will always, ALWAYS check the freezer from now on:

An exploded bottle of Coke with caption "I knew I forgot something"

17.The person who will be finding little grains of rice until the cows come home:

Rice spilled all over a tile floor, with caption, "I spilled rice — ALL the rice"

18.The person who had a little friend say hello during some hair drying:

A dead roach in a sink with a blow-dryer on the side, with caption, "I was blow-drying my hair when this fella popped out"

19.The person who's gonna be eating good for lunch today:

An open plastic container of half-used butter with caption, "My stupid ass brought the real butter instead of my lunch; I'm pissed"

20.And the person who had the unthinkable happen:

Overhead view of an open can with liquid in it, with caption "There were no beans in my can of baked beans"