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18 Screenshots Of Tinder, Hinge, And Bumble Profiles That Are So Chaotic, I Have No Words Left — No, None At All

1.This 49-year-old who is looking for a big age gap...and a lot of other things:

big age gaps are a big turn on, only been with white girls any younger brown girls care to change that for me

2.This person who, well, was honest about everything — including their poo'ing habits:

i live off my mcdonalds cokes and poo myself quite often
u/johnrbrownin1 / Via

3.This person who listed their dealbreaker...again and again and again:

i hate people that go back to their ex
u/instakayden / Via
my person hell is when you go back to your ex
u/instakayden / Via
a non negotiable...dont go back to your ex ever
u/instakayden / Via
i'm hoping you don't go back to your ex
u/instakayden / Via

4.This ironic profile:

the way to win me over is you'd have to figure that out
all i ask is that you communicate and be honest

5.This person who's just looking for people to Venmo them money:

don't take my swipes seriously i just like this app but swipe for my venmo

6.This person who made it known just how toxic he is:

i'll only call you at night, major anger issuers, i will control your every decision i
u/worthlesswreck / Via

7.This guy who wants to be your stepdad:

i'm the kinda guy you can take home to meet. your mom, she falls in love with me we get married i'm your dad now
u/Best-Lobster-2885 / Via

8.This person who's looking for a free mover on Tinder:

need help moving our furniture to a new apartment, that's it
u/redboxerss / Via

9.This woman who may not have realized women make the first move on Bumble:

men dont' have the balls to make the first move, it's always me
u/Gunnerrr05 / Via

10.This person who gave this heads up:

you should not go out with me if you can't handle me yelling at you at a grocery store if i get overwhelmed
u/techy_support / Via

11.This married man who may have gotten caught:

about me: married, 4.8 uber rating, steak and wine, chicago
u/lunadnd / Via
person responds, i see you removed married, what happened?
u/lunadnd / Via
deleted account
u/lunadnd / Via

12.This parent who would bring their CHILD on a first date with a stranger:

old dating traditions are out, i'm bringing my kid with me on the first date, she's just able to read people good
u/OctoPuscifer / Via

13.This dude:

the world would be a better place with more misogyny
u/BTGGFChris / Via

14.This extremely snide profile:

don't ask my age, what i'm looking for what my weekend plans are
u/Captain_Pikes_Peak / Via
i'm hoping you are half as interesting as half of your pictures and not another lame man in LA
u/Captain_Pikes_Peak / Via
we'll get along if your zip code matches your personality
u/Captain_Pikes_Peak / Via
i guarantee you that i'm richer than you
u/Captain_Pikes_Peak / Via

15.This man who lied about his age to appeal to younger women but is *confused* about how that happened:

im looking for a partner in hijinks, not 49, i'm 56
u/zen_avocado1 / Via

16.And this person who's looking for honesty but openly lied about her age:

profile lists age as 46 but they say they're actually 48
u/randalltown / Via

17.This person who admitted to looking for a replacement:

missing my obsessive ex, just trying to find a replacement
u/StrawHatShadow / Via

18.And finally, this cheating boyfriend <3:

i have a beautiful girlfriend and am just here to waste time
u/Nymqhaea / Via

H/T: r/Tinder and r/Bumble