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18 People Who Reeeeeally Could've Done A Better Job, TBH

1.In the job description: painting the road. NOT in the job description: moving palm fronds.

Paint around a tree
u/lekshmikutty / Via

2.For all the cable guy knew, that hula hoop was a permanent feature.

A cable through a hula hoop
u/oomenya333 / Via

3."Listen, I'll program the error message, but I'm not gonna get too specific with it."

"Problems are found. Fix them."
u/iam_silent_eyes / Via

4. Close enough.

Twitter: @SandiPsych

5."Eh, just re-use the old box and label."

u/Due_Structure_4205 / Via

6.Paid just enough to change the sign, but not enough to check if it makes sense.

"You helped to recycle June"
u/ajamal_00 / Via

7.I wanna know who was here first: the electrician or the plumber.

Badly placed pipes
u/villageidiot33 / Via

8."You said to put the shirt on the mannequin. I don't see the problem."

A shirt put on a mannequin incorrectly
u/thexbeatboxer / Via

9.Thanks, now if I have any issues, I know to call (transit agency phone number).

"transit agency phone number"
u/Avipedia78 / Via

10."Oh, was I supposed to change that part?"

"Sample text"
u/BenderDeLorean / Via

11.This feels like a trap.

"Use North Crosswalk"
u/covertlyanalyze860 / Via

12."I'm here to stamp pavement, not to spell."

u/FaxCelestis / Via

13."Yeah, I put the security tags on, why do you ask?"

An easily removable security tag on a drill
u/Polymer15 / Via


"So please can the box not look obvious it's party supplies"
u/nereuszeer / Via

15.Hey, color ink is expensive, ya know?

"Only these colours of hi vis jackets must only be worn in this warehouse"
u/MarryBorger / Via

16.Job says hang the sign, not proofread the sign.

"Ok I get it."
u/Smkthtsht / Via

17."Yeah, I photoshopped the mattress in. No, they're not lying on it, why?"

A mattress photoshopped
u/GoldenAxo / Via

18.And finally, I guess measuring wasn't in the scope of work.

A door that doesn't fit the frame
u/-PygmyElephant- / Via

H/T: r/NotMyJob