17 Parents Who Almost Had A Heart Attack Because Of Their Creepy, Creepy Kids

1.This 3-year-old drew a picture of her "imaginary mum" who visits her at night (?!?!?!?!), and this was her description:

"she only comes to see me at night-time"

2.This kid had a loose tooth that was bleeding, so naturally, they left a "message" for their parents:

Letters written on a door in blood

3.This kid keeps leaving their dolls out and nearly giving their poor parents a heart attack when they switch on the lights at night:

Dolls in chairs

4.This is a collection of doll hands that two young sisters are keeping. Why? The parents have no idea:

Doll hands in a box

5. This kid had a compliment to give, but gave it in the creepiest way:

Twitter: @radsechrist

6.It's official: Manicure Barbie is the scariest doll to find left in the middle of the room at night:

Manicure Barbie

7.This kid is honest with their feelings, at least:

"tell on her"

8.This family had brand-new neighbors move in next door. Their kid decided to leave this "science experiment" on the new neighbors' doorstep:

A jar of water with a doll head floating inside

9. It's the "again" that would have me packing up:

Twitter: @MissSneed

10.This person's little brother — age 4 — drew what he saw in his room last night. UMMMM:

"The Blue Man"

11. Comedian Nash Flynn has this story, which would absolutely keep me up at night for years if it happened to me:

Twitter: @itsnashflynn

12.This is a fun note to find randomly on your bedroom dresser, right? Yeah:

"I see you"

13.Nobody knows why this kid was playing with their Barbies this way, and I'm not sure anybody wants to know:

Barbies arranged to seem like they're ganging up on one Barbie

14.This kid's Halloween costume scared the ever-living crap out of pretty much everyone (good job, kid):

A little boy in a Halloween costume

15.This kid's smiley face scooter is NOT what you want to see in your dimly lit kitchen:

A smiley scooter in the dark

16.This kid drew a very fun and not-at-all nightmare-inducing drawing in class:

"help me help me help me help me"

17. And finally, here's a two-fer:

Twitter: @kimballscott