17 Entitled Karens And Kens Who Terrorized Their Local Businesses And Demanded Special Treatment

1.This customer who complained publicly about a server who had a medical emergency:

"Sorry for your inconvenience."

2.This customer who demanded food and drinks from a restaurant before they were even open:

"You came before we were open and are mad because you didn't get served."

3.This person who should've just picked up their food themselves:

Transmission fluid on the concrete

4.This cranky customer who should stick to Taco Bell:

"Two stars only cause whatever wasn't botched in our order, was delicious."

5.This lady who blamed Walmart for ruining her kid's Christmas:

"its safe to assume i will not be back at walmart anytime soon."

6.This callous customer who lowered a restaurant's rating, despite enjoying it, because they were annoyed by a nearby table of kids:

"They were very loud."

7.This customer who wanted free food because they lost a battle to a seagull:

"it's not really our responsibility if you loose your sausage to a seagull"

8.This person who wanted their food delivered during a dangerous storm:

"My employees lives are more important. That's exactly correct."

9.This customer who didn't like that the bar they willingly went to was too much "like a bar":

"I'd buy to go for sure."

10.This customer who really decided to blast a business who was nothing but EXTREMELY kind, understanding, and helpful toward them:

"The quality is not good"

11.This customer who was absolutely shocked they couldn't bring a weapon into a restaurant (and complained despite receiving great service):

"they are NOT a conceal carry friendly restaurant"

12.This person who, I'm sorry, is definitely leaving out some details here:

"Not to be a Karen but never going back to that dump."

13.This person who thought the company who sold them a bed years ago should also be responsible for helping them move said bed years later:

"They sold us a nice bed..."

14.This Marketplace menace who acted like they were the one who somehow received mistreatment in this interaction:

"So i will be reporting you to Facebook market"

15.This customer who actually complained about a free gift:

"Actually, I don't like this color."

16.This clumsy customer who couldn't believe they didn't get a free cookie:

"Went back to them and asked for another one"

17.Finally, this customer who complained about "donut smell" so much that this shop stopped making fresh donuts:

"We are working to resolve as soon as possible!"

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars, r/FuckYouKaren