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17 Restaurants That Are Living In 3023 While The Rest Of Us Are Stuck Here Dining In 2023

1.This restaurant's menu that is shaped like a pizza pie so that customers could flip the page and see what each pizza would look like:

A pizza menu
u/polynilium / Via

2.This restaurant with a tablecloth pattern that's just QR codes for the menu:

A QR code tablecloth
u/goldenewsd / Via

3.This restaurant bathroom that holds pens, Mother's Day cards, and envelopes for anyone who forgot to pick one up:

A card station in a bathroom
u/chillaxitout / Via

4.This restaurant that has a drain under the urinal so that urine wouldn't splash onto the floor:

A drain under a urinal
u/PM_ME_UR_S62B50 / Via

5.This restaurant that gives patrons an hourglass after ordering so that if their food arrives after it runs out, the meal is free:

An hourglass
u/ForFoxSake_23 / Via

6.This restaurant that has overhead mirrors so people can see what the chef's are doing:

Mirrors to show the chefs cooking
u/DrawThatRedstone / Via

7.This restaurant that wants everyone on Google to be directed toward them:

"Thai food near me"
u/zirus23 / Via

8.This restaurant that converted concrete sewers into outdoor dining space:

Sewer booths
u/mrcortado / Via

9.This restaurant that prints their very small menu on business cards:

A business card menu
u/itsamemarioscousin / Via

10.This gaming restaurant that serves drinks in potion glasses:

Potion drinks
u/Elizaminx / Via

11.This restaurant that has a face mask dispenser:

A face mask dispenser
u/ThexGreatxBeyondx / Via

12.This restaurant that displays these cute salt and pepper chess sets:

A salt and pepper chess set
u/Brie_M / Via

13.This restaurant that puts mesh over lemons so that seeds won't fall into customers' food when they squeezed it:

A meshed lemon
u/alikat538 / Via

14.This dog-friendly restaurant that has a menu for all:

A doggie menu
u/anonymous / Via

15.This restaurant that has storage under the seat to put bags or jackets:

Storage under a chair
u/kazarnowicz / Via

16.This restaurant that has soap for before and after eating:

Scented and unscented soap dispensers
u/shitiseeincollege / Via

17.And lastly, this restaurant bathroom that has a toe opener so people won't have to touch the doorknob on the way out:

A "Toepener"
u/happysunbear / Via