17 Photos Of Actors Who Have Paid Tribute To Their Starring Roles Through Fashion

I always love it when celebrities go all out for the press of their movies. When actors really immerse themselves and decide to dress on theme for their characters and movies for months, it can give us some amazing and memorable fashion moments.

Margot Robbie dressed as Barbie
Rich Polk / Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

So, let's talk about some actors who have gone the extra mile and paid tribute to their starring roles and movies through fashion:

1.Margot Robbie — Barbie in Barbie

Side-by-side of Margot Robbie and a Barbie

2.Elle Fanning — Princess Aurora in Maleficent

Side-by-side of Elle Fanning and Aurora

3.Scarlett Johansson — The Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame

Scarlett Johansson and her rings

4.Jennifer Lawrence — Mother in Mother!

Side-by-side of Jennifer Lawrence and her character in Mother!

5.Zendaya — Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Side-by-side of Zendaya at the screenshot from "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

6.Angelina Jolie — Maleficent in Maleficent

Side-by-side of Angelina Jolie and screenshot from Maleficent

7.Timothée Chalamet — Willy Wonka in Wonka

Side-by-side of Timothée Chalamet and him in Wonka

8.Emma Watson — Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Side-by-side of Emma Watson and Belle

9.Brie Larson — Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel

Side-by-side of Brie Larson and Captain Marvel

10.Cara Delevingne — Laureline in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Side-by-side of Cara Delevingne and Laureline

11.Anya Taylor-Joy — Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Side-by-side of Anya Taylor-Joy and Princess Peach

12.Saoirse Ronan — Mary Stuart in Mary Queen of Scots

Side-by-side of Saoirse Ronan and Mary

13.Zoë Kravitz — Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Batman

Zoe Kravits side-by-side with Catwoman

14.Naomi Scott — Princess Jasmine in Aladdin

Side-by-side of Naomi Scott and Princess Jasmine

15.Amber Heard — Mera in Aquaman

Side-by-side of Amber Heard and Mera

16.Carrie-Anne Moss — Trinity in The Matrix Resurrections

Side-by-side of Carrie-Anne Moss and a screenshot from "The Matrix Resurrections"

17.Blake Lively — Emily Nelson in A Simple Favor

Side-by-side of Blake Lively and Emily Nelson

Which celebrity do you think paid homage to their character the best? Let me know in the comments!