16 Enraging And Unbelievably Dumb Fees People Were Charged That Make Me Wholly Angry

Resort fees, ticket fees, service fees — you just can't go anywhere without a fee being tacked on. And some of them are...creative. Let's let our blood collectively boil as we scroll through these 16 ridiculous fees people were charged.

1.This Airbnb cleaning fee that you'd have to put a dollar toward every day for a year to cover for one night.

A bill that shows the charge for a room is $383, the cleaning fee is $365, the service fee is $105, and other taxes and fees are $132

2.The fees this person's university charged them for a semester that was completely online.

The charges show a computer fee of $171, a school fee of$188, and a campus fee of $734

3.This person who was surprised with a 4% "economic recovery fee" after treating themselves to a night out.

The economic recovery fee is tacked on to the end of the bill before tax

4.This $50 gift card that had dwindled itself because of fees.

A $50 gift card that hasn't been used now has a balance of $8.35 because of inactivity fees and account maintenance fees

5.The $800 in ticket fees here. I'll never understand why tickets have so many fees.

Tickets for a World Series game say "face value: $4,100; fees: $789"

6.This up-front "no surprises" bill that doesn't hurt any less.

The receipt says a rental home costs $897, then adds $61 in tax, $86 for a destination fee, $172 for property service charge, and $1,873 for a cleaning fee, for a "no surprises" total of $3,000

7.This cruise fare that seems like it purposely tried to negate all of its discounts with fees.

The cruise fare is $1,000, then there are three discounts applied for $50, $278, and $100; but then $642 in taxes and fees is added at the end

8.These Uber fees that nearly doubled the cost of the ride.

The receipt says the normal fare came out to $75, but there was a $45 surging fee and $10 booking fee, bringing the total to $120

9.This air show that charges $10 in admission and a $150 parking fee.

  u/BigRedCheez / Via reddit.com

10.This to-go fee that truly proves we can't just pay for food anymore.

A Waffle House sign says there will be a 20% fee on all to-go orders — 10% will go to the server, and 10% is a "to-go fee"

11.This employer who makes their employees pay a 3% surcharge on credit card tips.

A note posted at a restaurant says all servers, bartenders, and takeout team members will be charged the 3% service fee for electronic purchases

12.This $100 "convenience" fee someone was charged to pay their rent.

Someone is attempting to pay their rent online, and a $100 convenience fee is included in the charges

13.This dining fee that's as much as a tip — and the tip is still expected.

The bottom of a menu says "we add an 18% dining fee, shared equally between kitchen and service staff. Any added gratuity is shared by the service staff"

14.This $46 "service charge" to pay $1,735 in tuition.

  u/bobawaifu / Via reddit.com

15.This Wi-Fi fee that isn't even included in the resort fee.

A message that says the customer has reached the two-device maximum covered by the resort fee, and they can pay $15 per device per day for any other device to have Wi-Fi

16. Finally, this outrageous fee incurred because the airline had to print two paper tickets. SMH.

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