20 best tried-and-tested facials in London for every budget and skin concern

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20 best facials in London to deliver glowing skinGetty Images

Living in London can instigate a plethora of skin issues; from the pollution and dirt in the air to sweating in 30-degree heat on the underground; city life just isn’t a good match for healthy skin. If you’re finding your skincare shelf just isn’t cutting it these days, it’s time to bring in the professionals. And by that, I mean a facialist.

If, like us, you’re looking for results – rather than being tickled with a feather and doused in sage and being charged £100 for the pleasure – we’ve tried and tested the best hard-working facials in London that are guaranteed to deliver results. There are 1000s of facial treatments in London, that can achieve everything from sorting dry, dehydrated skin to getting rid of hyperpigmentation, so it's kind of hard to know where to start as you whittle down your hit list. Luckily, we've done the leg work for you.

Whether you’re looking to purge your pores with some extraction, fancy some brightening microneedling or a luxe LED sesh, these are the facial treatments that are worth splurging the cash on.

Best facials in London

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