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$15,000 puppy stolen from Victorian home while owners slept

The young puppy is known to be a 'valuable commodity', either to be onsold or used for breeding.

A five-month-old puppy valued at around $15,000 has been kidnapped from home while her unaware owners slept, with police now asking the public for help in finding the pup.

Daisy, a French Bulldog, was allegedly snatched by multiple thieves from the living room of the rural property in Kilfeera, near Benalla in Victoria.

The incident happened sometime between 7.30pm on Monday and 7.30am on Tuesday, while the owners, a 58-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman, were in their bedroom.

Two photos of Daisy, a five-month-old French Bulldog has been stolen from her home in Kilfeera, near Benalla in Victoria.
Daisy, a five-month-old French Bulldog has been stolen from her home in Kilfeera, near Benalla in Victoria. Source: Victoria Police

Somewhat curiously, four other puppies who were "in the same area as Daisy" remained "untouched," police were told.

Daisy is described as chocolate and tan in colour, micro-chipped and said to be valued at around $15,000, according to authorities. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or fill out an online form.

French bulldogs known to be a 'valuable commodity'

Most French Bulldogs cost between $3,500 and $5,000 in Australia, but depending on their colour, some, like Daisy, can cost much more. Interest for the 'purebred' version of the dog also soared during the Covid pandemic.

The surging demand for French Bulldogs and the fact that they could "sell for pricey sums," is something thieves would be aware of, PETA spokesperson Laura Weyman-Jones recently told Yahoo News Australia.

Pamela Campbell, president at Dogs West, also believed the breed is often sold at prices "most often very well above the price asked by reputable Dogs Australia registered breeders".

"A stolen french bulldog puppy could then become a valuable commodity, either for onselling or to be kept for breeding, likely at the earliest opportunity," she told Yahoo.

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