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15 People Who Said "Screw You, Landfill" And Accomplished The Most Clever Repairs I've Ever Seen

I recently came upon the trend of "visible mending" on TikTok and find it SO fascinating. It's basically an ornamental approach to repairing an item. So instead of trying to hide the area where the item was damaged, the purpose is to highlight these imperfections in a surprising way. I also really love it because it helps save our special possessions from ending up in a landfill somewhere. Sounds like a win-win to me!

A lot of the following mends also remind me of the Japanese concepts of

A lot of the following mends also remind me of the Japanese concepts of "kintsugi" and 'wabi-sabi," which are all about embracing the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.


Without further ado, here are some of the best mends I found on the r/visiblemending subreddit:

1."My dog got a hold of my favorite dress so I tried visible mending for the first time."



"That is fantastic! Nothing wrong with our clothing telling stories about the lives we've lived in them."


u/ren_aine / Via

2."Check out my fishy floors. It was either this or thousands of dollars to replace the whole floor because they don't make tile like that anymore. I don't know about you, but I like this solution better!"

pond and fish scene painted into missing tiles on the floor
u/ProjectDirectory / Via

3."I mended a couple of split laundry baskets."

basket threaded together
u/kindapinkypurple / Via

4."Patched a small tear in my jacket with a small felt 'Band-Aid' that I made."

jacket sewn with a cloth-made band-aid


"This is fantastic! Love the idea, can't wait to rip a hole in my clothes now so I can try it."


u/OPsych / Via

5."My headphone pad fell off so I crocheted it back on!"

crotchet around the ear pad
u/feeling_supersonic / Via

6."The cats clawed up the side of the chair. I really like how my mom patched it up."

geometric pattern sewn into the armchair


"Oh man, that's such a great match. It's harmonious with the rest of the chair, but a clear sign of the life it has lived."


u/Mems137 / Via

7."I stitched a doily and then used it to patch a large hole in my favorite overalls today"

doily patch in the jeans


"Gorgeous mending! It makes me want to learn to crochet. And it also makes me want to rip holes in my perfectly-good pants."


u/twin_weenis / Via

8."I fixed my lamp using the stained glass soldering technique."

repaired lamp


"I like it better now. It makes me think of a leaf!"


u/Shinylittlelamp / Via

9."The front fell off of my old cabinet so I replaced it with crochet granny squares."

crotchet window in a tall cabinet
u/CrochetedRockets / Via

10."I got this free tote bag but I hate wearing logos, so I did a simple embroidery over it."

colorful stitching covering the logo


"It’s such a cool minimalist look, way better than a logo anyways!"


"I like this idea. I'm sure this isn't that original but I think it would be fun to block out certain letters so it spells a different word. For example you could leave just the N,O,P, and E. As in saying 'nope' to brand names."


u/ilanathegreat / Via

11."Owl lost an eye. My seven year old asked me to make an eyepatch. Owl is now ready for a new career as a pirate."

new eyepatch on the stuffed animal
u/rvodenh / Via

12."This patch might bite you in the...rear pocket of the vintage jeans I patched. Scrap of stretchy fabric and sashiko thread."

shark and stitches made to look like waves on a jean pocket
u/Art_Is_Basic / Via

13."Saw this precious workaround in a booth at a favorite restaurant."

button in the middle of the sofa
u/leatherdaddy / Via

14."My Snoopy shirt had a hole so I added a little Woodstock."

closeup of woodstock on the sleeave


"I want Woodstock on all my long sleeves now. Absolutely in love with this!"


"He looks like he was there the whole time!"


u/JayXFour / Via

And finally...

15."I spotted this and admired it today. Great use of zip-ties."

zip ties used to hold up a car bumper
u/mettarific / Via

Now, it your turn! Have you ever tried visible mending? Comment below!